Sunday, July 26, 2020

A Kinder Gentler LSP

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Beans said...

Someone raised that child right!

LL said...

Why did the kid get an F?

Jim said...

Thanks for starting my day with a laugh. Good thing I don 't have my first cup of coffee yet.

RHT447 said...

Pinochet Air. Our specialty--one way fare.

LSP said...

Beans, I won't lie. You inspired me!

LSP said...

I like the way you get right to the point, LL. Our education system needs a BIG reset.

LSP said...

Glad to oblige, Jim.

LSP said...

No refunds, RHT.

Kid said...


Anonymous said...

Ah, the mind of a nine year old. And ah, Pinochet, the man who developed 1970s torture porn and snuff movies. Really, what have people been watching? Still, I suppose this open to people of every taste.

Anonymous said...

p.s. It's suspected most of you are rather too young or too little travelled to know about Christian doctor Shelia Cassidy from England and the (edited) details of what happened to her in Pinochet's Chile. N.B. Sensitive readers ought to stop here if you're upset by the thought of electric shocks to the vagina and so on.

Luke 23:34

LSP said...

I gather you're not a fan, Anon. But I'd be careful about accusing anyone who comments here about being "little travelled." Who knows, some of them might even have flown the childishly depicted chopper:)

Thanks for the link though I grew to scorn that paper when they predicted 40,000 US/UK casualties in Gulf War I.

Beans said...

And how was the Christian doctor who was aiding communists and revolutionaries expecting the government to treat her during it's fight-to-the-death with commies and anarchists?

Seriously, people need to remember that places not in the USA are... not in the USA. Just because it's safe to backtalk the local, state and fed gov here in the US of A doesn't mean that it's safe to even say something negative under one's breathe about a foreign government in that foreign country.

Like those idiot bikers who rode through the Middle East to spread love and harmony, and got gacked by locals because the local version of love and harmony was chopping up infidels into Whitey tartar.

Pinochet was doing his best to hold his country together under extreme pressure by our federal State Department (full of commies, leftists and whores to communist nations) and actual communist nations intent on destroying non-communist nations.

So. Sucks to be the good doctor. But...

Want to not get whacked by a foreign government, either right-wing, left-wing or batshitcrazy-wing? Don't go to that country and act against the government in any way.

This goes for going to North Korea and helping yourself to a local political poster. Or going to Communist China and protesting anything the ChiComs have done. Or go to a radical muslim-controlled country and expect to be allowed to safely preach one's fundamentalist Christian beliefs (hint - if it's not safe to be of the wrong sect of islam, then trying to be anything other than muslim is a sure way to a quick beheading, and your home government isn't going to do jack-shit-all to save your dumb ass.)

Seriously. Here it is. Your local, state and federal government will do it's darnedest to save your happy butt as long as your happy butt is here in the US of A (within reason, and a lot of it is upon you to take responsibility for your own damned actions.)

Past the borders of the United States and it's territories? THERE BE MONSTERS THERE! No matter how friendly the nation seems to be to the US of A, their main goal is to save themselves, not some dumbass US citizen who thinks they are better than the rest of the world.

Fuckit. Dumb idiot Doctor should have just stayed here and worked in our inner cities. She might have had a better chance of not being tortured. Well, unless she's really gullible and stupid, of which it seems she is.

Get a fucking clue. The world is not America. Some portions of America aren't America, and haven't been for a long time. If you're not safe here, what expectation of safety do you have not in America?

Have I been outside these USA borders? Yes. Yes I have. And I have always followed, even here in these United States, the rules my father taught me. Be very respectful of the local government and the ones in charge (sometimes not the same group, like in Columbia during the really bad cocaine cowboy days.)

As to electric burns to the hoo-hoo? Like what's been done, and much worse, to whites here in the USA but it's not racist and a hate crime because those who do it are not-whites of African origin?

Torture and murder are not exclusively (and, really, mostly not) a part of being right-wing. Mostly, actually, murder and torture are tools of the left, communists and anarchists and socialists, along with various self-help organizations not politically associated that are into drugs and crimes and such.

Pinochet wasn't a nice man. But he had the interests of his country in mind when he did snuff films and such in order to slow the communization of his country. To me, that makes him relatively okay to me. As right-wing mass murders collectively throughout all of history can't even get near just the left-wing murders collectively in the 20th Century.

LSP said...

I warned you, Anon.

Beans, I don't think there's an inch to be given in the fight against Communism. Do I believe in Just War and that the ends doesn't justify the means? Yes, I do. But in the face of a fight you fight back, with all you've got. Not that I'm any great example, but still.

33 million Christians killed by commies in the last century. I say stand up.

Identify the threat and defeat it.

LSP said...

*don't not *doesn't

Beans said...

In 100 years or so, it will be my intense hope that Senator Joseph McCarthy will finally be seen as the hero he was. Shouting out against the communist takeover of the United States (based, originally, upon State Department investigations on it's own darned employees during the 1930's and the War Years, at which time Soviet gold bought many a State Department wonk's everloving trust.)

Funny, in the late late 1980's and early 1990's, after the fall of the Soviet Empire, KGB records (once really hidden but now somewhat open for research for the right price, it being Russia) clearly showed that the KGB had infiltrated, by the late 40's, both Journalism and Education schools from top down, and were pushing the agenda. Other records show that the Students for a Democratic Society, the Black Panthers, the Weather Underground (the 1960's radical group, not the weather app) and other 'radical' groups all were funded and controlled by the Soviets.

So who is telling us our news? Who is teaching our children?

Ask yourself one question: Were you taught that the two atomic bombs we dropped on Japan in 1945 were a Godsend and saved us all, or were you taught that we were bad people who did it just for fun or other non-good reason?

If your answer is the bombs were a Godsend, you most likely graduated before 1976. If the answer was we didn't 'need' to drop the bombs, and we're bad for it, then, guess what, you were taught by leftists who were trained by leftists, and your school books were from leftist publishers and leftist writers who were fully engaged in rewriting US history to cause the end of the American Experiment started in the late 1700's...

Try to disprove this. Please. Please prove me wrong.

I was in school during the 70's. I remember one year the school books said "X and Y", then the next year the new school books said the exact opposite. And when I asked the teachers, because I found one of the old ones in the library (they missed losing it...) and the teachers all acted like pod people... All that was missing was the biology teacher (who, yes, looked kinda like Donald Southerland) lifting his hand and pointing at me and "Reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee" at me.

Yeehaw, I'm on quiet a tear.

And.. I must apologize for my rather rough and crude language earlier. But there's one thing beside 'fake meat' that gets my ire up and makes me curse like a sailor from the pre-Mabus days.

Dr. Swankenstein said...

Mostly peaceful helicopter ride

LSP said...

Thanks, Swankenstein. Stand by for Yuri...

LSP said...

Excellent tear, Dr. Beans! More please. And now look what you've done, I have to post Yuri Bezmenov's infovideo.

And here's the thing, and I speak personally as a padre, when anarchists, marxists and their affiliates round on the faithful like demons, I say we have every right to defend ourselves and remove this scourge from the earth.

For example, if a country which believed in sacrificing its babies for pleasure and profit attempted to invade us, well then, rules of engagement off. But what am I saying? We are that country, and one man's attempting to reverse the sickness.


Beans said...

Glad to be of service.

Would I drop a commie from a height and not feel bad about it? Maybe. If I was in the Portland or Seattle area? Most likely not.

Like the Polish mercenary, I believe it was Rafal Gan-Ganowicz (a great man, truly great man, Poland seems to give the West so many great men) when asked what it was like killing humans, and he responded "I only kill communists."

Good writeup on Rafal here: Warning: the writeup is about as crude as Rafal reportedly was. Then again, Rafal was a man's man. He's what James Bond could have been, if James wasn't such an English pussy.

I mean, it's the 21st Century. We've had over 700 years of 'functional communisms' failing spectacularly and killing their own followers like they were cults run by guys with the name of James Jones, if you start counting 'functional communisms starting with the Cathars and drifting up and down Europe until you reach those idiots, the Pilgrims, who emigrated to America and set up a 'functional communist society' and DIED and then said, "Fuck communism, give us our God-given Capitalism" and they survived and flourished. Then, various failed communes and communist societies in the 1700s (especially in France around, oh, 1793ish...) and 1800s (in various groups throughout Europe and America and, guess what, they died in job-lots due to their communist policies) and then those two jackasses Marx and Engels codified the rules for communists and socialists everywhere and then stupid people everywhere (many highly intelligent and highly educated, but STUPID) bought into that bullscat and the death tolls rose.

Beans said...

Nazi Germany - 15-20-30? million or so, including combatants

Soviet Union - 30-50 million? No one really knows, they killed so many in so many ways, hunger, murder, war, chaos, heart attack...

Fascist Italy - (yes, it was right wing for Italy, but compared to America? Still socialist

Spanish Socialist/Communist caused deaths - between 100-200 thousand or so or more, hey, it was a screwed up situation and it was really state socialists vs international communists (and our Lincoln Brigade? Communists...) and no-one really knows the real number of deaths caused by Spanish Socialists and Communists as the killings continued into the 70's and 80's.

Cuban communism - who knows, since the Soviets used Cuban mercenaries in Africa to commit atrocities that make the Hutus look like school children.

Beans said...

African Communism - God, what do you thing I am, a friggin adding machine? But the deaths, since starting in the late 1940's, are still racking up in job-lot numbers, especially in Formerly Rhodesia and Anywhere Else known as Formerly Something, and in South Africa, where if you're white you are a DEAD MAN WALKING, and, oh, incidentally, that Nelson Mandela fellow? COMMUNIST. His wife, FRIGGIN MARXIST MURDERING COMMUNIST. Nelson Mandela is not a 'hero' in my book.

Chinese Communism - 100 million served, or more? Since the ChiComs have been killing others and themselves (but not really fighting the Imperial Japanese even though we the USA paid them to do so while shorting the National Chinese when they were actually fighting the Imperial Japanese) since the 1920's... and they keep rewriting their own history about every 10-20 years by...killing people in joblots, I'd actually estimate ChiCom deaths to be 200 million or more directly by Communism, another 200 million or so indirectly. Yes. That high. Seriously, how many supposedly died in Wuhan from the Corona thingy?

Cambodian Communism - 2.5 million and climbing. Still people croaking from mines and other unexploded ordnance and traps and...

US Socialism? Just from Abortion, 60+ million, and prove to me that US Abortion isn't caused by socialism. Toss in all those Woodrow Wilson, a Democratic Socialist, and his administration, murdered or caused to die from their socialist agenda... By the way, Hitler and many other senior Nazis were big fans of Woodrow Wilson and Margret Sanger and other administration bigwigs.

Central American Communism - maybe 2.5 million, maybe 5 million, maybe more? Nobody who knows is talking.

Eastern European Communism (The Iron Curtain) - 10 million, more to die due to environmental and chromosomal damage for centuries.

South American Communism? 10 million, 20 million, it's just a decimal point these days.

Then there are the nominal socialist societies in the Middle East and in Indonesia and and and and and and and... Where, everywhere, deaths are 2-10 times the nominally not-socialist countries right next door.

Tossing commies out of airplanes and helos sounds like a good idea now, doesn't it?

Beans said...

By the way, I use numbers from inference, not what the 'experts' say.

After all, experts say there are around 393 million guns in civilian hands. Me? Knowing how stable the gun has been since the introduction of the effective flintlock? 500 million or more functioning or functional firearms. Dad's M-16 is as functional as granddad's M1 is as functional as great-granddad's Springfield or M1917 is as functional as Great great's Lee Navy or Krag-Jorgensen is as functional as Great Great Great's Springfield Trapdoor is as functional as Greatx4's Springfield or Enfield from the ACW is as functional as Greatx5's Springfield from the Mex-Ami War is as functional as Gx6's 1800's pattern musket from 1812 and Cherokee wars is as functional as Gx7's .... And that's not counting all the war surplus that kept and keeps piling up, though there's a lot less war surplus in these benighted days since Congress said we can't have full auto or US mil surplus lowers or uppers or anything else (can you imagine how cheap ARs would be if all you had to do was buy a functioning lower and a surplus upper? Even a lot of the pieces parts that are still decent but no, our 'betters' in Congress don't want us to fully use our GOD GIVEN RIGHT TO SELF DEFENSE WITH MILITARY GRADE HARDWARE SINCE 1934 YOU UNGRATEFUL male spawn of an unmarried coupling or female intact doc of breeding age (think about it... 3-2-1.... see? you can say very bad things without saying very bad things...) In the words of the movie "Fifth Element" Hey, Congress, SMOKE YOU!

So, 393 million is short a few hundred million or so. And the 'official' number doesn't count all the illegal guns that are imported or manufactured (no, not Ghost Guns) but real illegal guns (which, see previous paragraph, shouldn't be illegal. Yes, that includes a fully loaded F105, or a fully loaded destroyer with all arms and armaments or a tank or a machine gun or a cannon or a missile or a rocket or a mortar (both modern and pre-modern) or a polearm, or an axe, or a sword, or a mace (to hit with) or Mace (to spray with) or, well, anything classified as an 'arms or armament or armor or armed vehicle or armed vessel or or or or or or as the 2nd Amendment says 'the right to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.')


Beans said...

So. Communism (and it's softer socialist side) kills, directly or indirectly all out of proportion to almost any other political belief. Only complete anarchy may be more dangerous, and there's some debate there.

How to defeat communism? Shoot it (see ranting elements above regarding number of firearms in the US of A and the proper interpretation of the 2nd Amendment (which the NFA of 1934, GCA of 1968 and all other legislation against free ownership of whatever fine weapon of destruction we wish to personally own are all in violation of, if you strictly interpret the Bill of Rights, which, if you aren't, you are in violation of... The Bill of Rights. They are, like Judge Dredd, THE LAW!) Throwing out of aircraft, running over with a semi, setting on fire as human lawn torches or any other inventive way of eliminating a living communist and ensuring their passage to the proper and good state of a communist, which is DEAD, are the ways to handle communists and communism and socialists and socialism.

(Socialists and socialism have nothing to do with.... socialism as in being good neighbors and good members of a social group. Leftists have appropriated the meaning of the word 'socialism' just like they've appropriate the meaning of other words like 'gay' or 'rainbow' or 'red' or 'fair' or 'medical issue' (abortion and murdering a life is considered a medical issue... see what I mean by appropriating words and terms?)

One issue I have with the current Roman Catholic church is there are no militant orders. Of course, the current Roman Catholic church is run by gay socialists and communists, so, well, there's a lot that I have issues with the Catholic Church. They left me to go left. I'm still here. Hello (lo, lo... lo..... lo........ lo.......(echo))

LSP said...

Beans -- "no miltant orders" -- I'm 100% with you.

BTW, Commies killed around 33 MILLION Christians in the 20th C. More than half of the total since the Faith began, and our spiritual "leaders" are silent and appease this murderous garbage?

What apostates.