Saturday, July 11, 2020

Hagia Sophia Goes Mosque - Does The West Give a Damn?

Hagia Sophia, Holy Wisdom Cathedral in Istanbul, Justinian's remarkable church and the onetime center of Eastern Christianity has been turned back into a mosque by Turkey's President Sultan, Erdogan.

Built in the 6th century by Emperor Justinian, Hagia Sophia was the principal church of the Eastern Roman Empire and perhaps its greatest monument, rising above the Bosphorus. It remained intact, a Christian Cathedral  until May 1453, when Constantinople was finally seized after a 57 day seige by Ottoman Turks led by Sultan Mehmet II.

The night before the city's fall to the Moslems, Hagia Sophia was full:

Meanwhile the great church of Saint Sophia was crowded. Thousands of people were moving towards the church. Inside, Orthodox and Catholic priests were holding mass. People were singing hymns, others were openly crying, others were asking each other for forgiveness. Those who were not serving on the ramparts also went to the church, among them was seen, for a brief moment, the Emperor. People confessed and took communion. Then those who were going to fight rode or walked back to the ramparts.

The next day tragically saw the collapse of Constantinople's defense and Mehmet's victory. Moslem soldiers entered the city and its great Cathedral, killing, raping and enslaving:

The great doors of Saint Sophia were forced open, and crowds of angry soldiers came in and fell upon the unfortunate worshippers. Pillaging and killing in the holy place went on for hours. Similar was the fate of worshippers in most churches in the city. Everything that could be taken from the splendid buildings was taken by the new masters of the Imperial capital. Icons were destroyed, precious manuscripts were lost forever. Thousands of civilians were enslaved, soldiers fought over young boys and young women. Death and enslavement did not distinguish among social classes. Nobles and peasants were treated with equal ruthlessness.

St. Sophia became a mosque after the Moslem conquest, only to become a museum in 1936. It's now a mosque again, thanks to the Sultanic aspirations of Erdogan. And as it was in 1453 so it is now, does anyone in the West give a damn, or am I an army of one?

“A threat to Hagia Sophia is a threat to the entire Christian civilization and, therefore, to our spirituality and history. To this day Hagia Sophia remains a great Christian shrine for every Russian Orthodox believer.”

Kirill continues:

“One should take into account that Russia is a country with the majority of population professing Orthodoxy, and so, what may happen to Hagia Sophia will inflict great pain on the Russian people.”

Christians, wake up and defend the Faith. It's well beyond time.

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Anonymous said...

Putin has set himself up as the champion of Orthodox Christians, much as the Czars did. Russian intervention halted the annexation of northern Syria by an expansionist Islamic Turkey. However, nearly 30% of Russia's population is Muslim and the threat of an Islamist revolt sponsored by Islamic governments and non-State actors is a real one. An open war between NATO-member Turkey and Russia would create huge humanitarian suffering and an unprecedented International crisis. It is time the west cut its ties with Turkey and if that means kicking them out of NATO and abandoning bases in Turkey then it is now possibly a price worth paying.The are other regional governments willing to assist NATO and covet membership.
It depends on who wins the election. If its the Dems then it is Military intervention in support of Turkey or if 45, then there is a chance that Turkey will have its wings clipped by sanctions political, economic and military.

LL said...

Maybe the Russians should reclaim it because they're closer? I'm just saying that maybe Vladimir needs to step up with his Christian troops and save the Hagia Sophia for Christianity. Tear down the minarets.

And since Islam is the religion of peace, they should relinquish it peacefully.

LL said...

PS - while you're at it, tear down the Dome of the Rock and rebuild the Jewish Temple, for Christ's return.

LSP said...

Good analysis, Anon. Maybe we should simply keep the bases, take a few more and reinforce the Greek border while strangling Erdogan economically? Some suggest a GREEK LEGION made up of GURKHAS would be helpful in the endeavour.

But seriously, Sultan Erdogan needs to be clipped, maybe in Syria?

LSP said...

RHSM, I applaud your warlike spirit, take the fight to enemy and that's clearly the wannabe Sultan.

Perhaps we could do the same with, your idea, a GGL (Gurkha Greek Legion)? Think of the advantages, they'd be POC and therefore immune to negative press while they chop heads with kukris.

Dome on the Rock?

Whoa! One step at a time...