Friday, July 17, 2020

I Fought The Law

Just kidding. I didn't fight the Law at all but dutifully went to get the rig tested and registered. This meant driving to the "shop" and discovering you have to wear a weird mask, like a robber, to get in the door. So I did, being a law-abiding citizen of the great Republic of Texas.

The Shop

They're a good crew at the "shop" and only charged $7 for the inspection, it didn't even take long. Thanks, guys, appreciate it. Next stop? The Court House, because that's where you register your vehicle.


In the old days, people were less lawful in this part of the world and the imposing edifice to Justice still has metal shutters in place for fear of banditry, mayhem and insurrection. Like a fort, which in a way it was and might be again if the going gets weird. See Portland.

All Hail Texas

Of course I'd be happier if it was a collegiate church in a pleasant plaza with fountains, cafes, statues of saints and Confederate generals but there it is. The place burned down a little while ago and Willie Nelson helped to rebuild it, before he degenerated into a completely useless old hippy.

Willie aside, the Courthouse has gone full COVID. A pleasant young policeman asked if I had any symptoms of the Red Death, then took my temperature with a handheld machine which was doubtless made in China. 


I wished him a muffled joy of the day through my annoying and stupid mask and offered an informal salute. Defend the Police, Thin Blue Line. 

And then it was wait in line because the Kung Flu says only two people at a time are allowed in the registration office. Still, it wasn't too bad. A couple of veterans noticed each others' hat insignia in the queue.

"You served with the...?!?"
"You served with..."
"Jets. Jet engines all day every day!"
"Can't hear you. What!"

A Rig

Good men, respect, and all too soon the line was at an end and I was forking over $75 for the white privilege of being road legal. Where does this money go? To the police and army of Texas, I hope.

Remember the Alamo,



Well Seasoned Fool said...

Being legal with the little things lets you hide the big things easier.

LindaG said...

So looking at the courthouse mat I have to ask. Why doesn't Hill Couniy have a "T" in it?
I thought perhaps it was some older style font, but The State of Texas doesn't have that problem...

Anonymous said...

WSF - yep, no real gains to be made in bringing undue attention to yerself. Why give anyone (on either side) excuses to pay extra attention to you.
My car was due for updated registration before the silliness started and being a disabled vet I got in and out pretty quickly. My motorcycle, not so much so I took the easy way out and did the mail in route. Seems to me that there are generally ways to 'comply' with the 'rules' while still not being too terribly inconvenienced.

LSP said...

Linda, I know it's confusing but I think their "I" is supposed to be a "T." Just guessing. Of course the genius squad that runs this county may not be too up on spellin.

LSP said...

That, WSF, is sage counsel.

LSP said...

Anon, I took the easy way out. OK, it was weird going into the Covid Courthouse but 75 bucks wasn't too hurtful.

drjim said...

I have to do this next week for my Jeep, and get it smogged.

Jim said...

Interesting sign on the door. Happiness prohibited? Here's a tune to celebrate your experience.

Old NFO said...

Following the law, what a NOVEL concept... ;-)

LSP said...

It's not too much of a deal here, drjim, though the Covid Courthouse was kind of weird. And congrats on the Colorado!

LSP said...

Jim, I was thinking exactly that about the curious sign.

GREAT video.

LSP said...

Heh, NFO, it most certainly is!

Speaking of the Novel Coronavirus, how is it that this terrible plague somehow inspires, activates and energizes revolutionary Marxists. Weird, eh?

Anonymous said...

LSP, inspiration and energizing of Marxists might be an argument Kung Flu is a weapon of Red Aliens.

LSP said...

Whoa. Good call, Anon.

Do you remember the old trope which had it that Space Aliens were the advance party of a super tech Communist civilization? Because only dialectical materialists could get it together to build starships?

Sorry, Hegel, sit back and watch Quantum Drive kick in.