Monday, July 27, 2020

Read This You Heathen


Do you remember Berdyaev, the Russian philosopher who was influential between the wars? If not, perhaps you should. Here's an excerpt from The Religion of Communism:

The proletariat is the only class that is innocent of the original sin of exploitation. It is the class that produces all the material treasures and goods on which human society lives. It is exploited and crushed: the most disinherited class, deprived of the means of production, living in servile dependence on Capital. But in it there grows up a force, a collective power, that will be revealed when capitalist society has crashed to its doom. The proletariat is a messianic class; its vocation is to be the liberator of all mankind, it is even identified with true humanity, it is already not merely a class, for it is outgrowing the society which includes it as a class. Truth is being revealed to it and it is already introducing justice in virtue of its social position. The messianic concept of the proletariat includes the freeing of the oppressed, that is, the achievement of social justice, and the attainment of might and power by a socially organised humanity. With the proletariat's victory social rationalism will utterly triumph and master the irrational forces of the world. Its victory will bring with it the final rationalisation of life, a final regulation and ordering; everything irrational, obscure and mysterious will be banished from life. The anarchy which Marx perceived in capitalist society will come to an end. The proletariat is clothed in all the virtues.
Now, it is perfectly clear that Marx's "proletariat" is not the empirical working class which we observe in actual life.

Now, it is perfectly clear that Marx's "proletariat" is not the empirical working class which we observe in actual life. Ain't that the truth, and you'll note how today's Left scorns and derides working people in favor of racial and sexual identity politics.

Democrats, for example, no longer platform on workers' wages and employment but on transgender bathrooms, open borders and protected status for ethnic groups. Black, Muslim? Above the law. White, Christian? Not so much.

Given the failure of the working class to supply necessary revolutionary fervor, other classes had to be picked. And so, Cultural Marxism, which we're seeing in full Maoist tilt across several Democrat run cities in America.

But these classes too, such as transsexuals and ghetto thugs, prove just as illusory and unreliable as the original proletariat. No, you're not oppressed because you can't use the womans' bathroom, because you're a man, you shameless mountebank, whatever your chemical surgery. And no, you're not a martyr for resisting arrest after passing fake twenties and being ripped on fentanyl, meth and all the rest.

That's not colonialist, imperialist oppression, it's weird, and the country sees this. By the same token, people get that "defund the police" isn't going to make their lives safer. Unless you're a Democrat in Minneapolis who's just seen their city burn.

Remember, everything the Left effects produces the opposite of its intended result.




Well Seasoned Fool said...

There are, of course, exceptions to everything. By and large, I see the leftist demonstrators as a group of life losers that won't/can't get off their asses and be productive.

Kid said...

From 1963 - Any of this look familiar?

How about this from 1984?

Fredd said...

The mostly peaceful riots consist of people who don't have skin in the game: they don't own stocks, bonds or real estate, don't pay taxes and are net drains on the economy.

Of course they want more. Why wouldn't they? I believe they are in the minority, unless you count all of the fraudulent mail in votes and the absentee ballots in Al Franken's car trunk.

Old NFO said...

Good points all!

LSP said...

Thanks, NFO. Berdyaev's pretty much forgotten these days, but he has a lot to say. Check out the link if you have time, there's plenty of gems.

LSP said...

Fredd, I think there's a bad disconnect between the bomb-throwing hippies, their Democrat sponsors and the rest of the nation.

I mean to say, no one, apart from a hippie and their millionaire/billionaire sponsor wants to see our cities trashed.

November will tell.

LSP said...

Great links, Kid. The Yuri's especially good. I think I'll post it.

LSP said...

I'd second that, WSF.

Dr. Swankenstein said...

LSP said...

Ha, Swankenstein! About time that old nugget of truth was posted. Good call.

Anonymous said...

Wasn't the historic role of the golem to defend the ghetto?

LSP said...

Well spotted, Anon! Lori's obviously broken down, eh? Or is the magicke running out of of power?