Wednesday, July 29, 2020

Lube Up

Walmart's lube experts were overwhelmed today, unlike the nation's hospitals. But I persevered, don't give up in the face of adversity, buddy. That meant get outta the rig, "Hey, you guys open or what?" They were, but it'd take awhile to put oil in the engine. "We're swamped, unlike ICU, so go shopping for a bit," said the masked bravado. "You bet, I'll do that."

Which I did. Walmart's got all these stupid arrows everywhere because they think that'll stop the invisible China Virus which doesn't kill anyone. 

You know, if you walk along the path of the arrow you won't get sick. Like inverse Dojo wisdom. Whatev, I ignored this nonsense like everyone else who wasn't getting sick, and headed for the computers.


There they were, glistening and new, kind of. Well, "gently used." Didn't take long to direct their MS search engines to LSP. And I noticed, weirdly, that the annoying "Bing" loves this mind blog. Google? Not so much. Thanks, Big Tech censorship.


One small act of subversion over, the store speaker blared out, gulag style, "LSP, your vehicle is ready!" And so it was. Thanks, grease monkeys, for keeping the 270+k rig in working order.

And there you have it. Crush the NWO underheel.

Your Pal,



Well Seasoned Fool said...

Bought a couple of furniture items at the Habitat for Humanity ReStore so had the occasion to dive the 1986 Mighty Max. With the $900 carb rebuild (grrr, ethenol) it runs great but the Armstrong power steering and a 70lb Lab sharing the seat means you work a bit.

Ed Bonderenka said...

Did you have to mask up?

Jim said...

Since they instituted the nationwide mask mandate I've avoided Walmart unless I absolutely have to have something. Another thing I've noticed is that while the Wuhan Flu will kill you quickly between the entrance of a restaurant and your booth or table, once you arrive you are perfectly safe and may remove your anti-breathing device. Must be science.

Adrienne said...

No one has ever paid attention to those little floor arrows around here. In most cases they have no even noticed them.

So far the great mask mandate is not having an impact around here one teeny bit. Pretty much everyone ignores it and goes about their business unimpeded.

LSP said...

What a great ride, WSF!

LSP said...

I did, Ed, and it really pisses me off. How stoopid.

LSP said...

Oh yeah, gotta wear a stoopid mask to go into a restaurant, Jim. Then you get to take it off. How fkn stoopid. Who's making millions off this errant idiocy?

Underwear manufacturers, for a start.

LSP said...

Adrienne, they're all slavishly obeying it here. Walk down the street? Wear a dooshey little mask. Drive your car on your own? Better wear a mask! Walking along the road in the sun with your dog? Wear the mask!!!

For God's sake, this is the stoopidest stoopidity I've ever encountered, maybe. As for those stoopid arrows...

What a total scam.

Old NFO said...

Face panties... Just about as effective... sigh But it DID improve the 'visuals' in Wally World... LOL

LSP said...

NFO, I had to laugh! I should open up a chapel at that store, I really should. Maybe I'll ask the boss.