Friday, July 10, 2020

Freed Roger Stone

And not before time. Let's see some real crooks put to justice.

And btw, Homburgs rock.

Your Pal,



squeeky's mom said...

Yes, a thousand times yes for the Hildabeast. But I have mixed emotions for Barry. He was the duly elected President and that starts a scenario I would hate to see going forward. Presidents, even bad ones, live with info that we never and should never have access too. Based on the mob reaction to the claim of Russians paying Afgan's to kill our troops a trial for a President would tear a seam in this country that might not ever be repaired.

Infidel de Manahatta said...

I have a homburg, and a Fedora. Next I think I'll get a bowler.

LSP said...

You make a good point, SM. Well called.

LSP said...

Whoa, Infidel! The TRIUMVIRATE!

I like it.

Homburgs, of course, are important. Churchill wore one.