Thursday, July 30, 2020

YouTube's Making This Hard to Find

Seems like YouTube doesn't want you to see this video, so I'm posting it again. They don't like the Mikhailovsky Theatre Orchestra & Choir, either. So I'm posting their version of God Save The Tzar too. Note how the people stand! Russia's the country which escaped from beneath the talons of the Bolshevik beast; go figure, our Big Tech, corporate, Maoist rulers hate it accordingly.

In other news, Democrats are howling, shrieking and pounding the window sill over the brazen Fascism of Federal agents arresting Anarcho-Marxist hippies for attacking Federal buildings. 

Good optics, DNC, you're the party of "burning down the system." That runs real well with the country at large. Are these people trying to re-elect 45? No. Just collapsing into their own revolutionary echo chamber.

Your Pal,



drjim said...

More like collapsing into their own septic tank!

GO 45!!


Fredd said...

You would think that the majority of voters would also think so. But what's up with those polls indicating a Biden landslide?

There is a disconnect here. Nov 3 results are going to shock somebody.

Kid said...

One has to wonder about their strategy. Do they really believe their own BS ?

Old NFO said...

Polls can be 'structured' to give you any answer you want... Just sayin'

LSP said...

Right with you, drjim.

LSP said...

Fredd, didn't they say that last time? Hillary was GUARANTEED to win. Then she didn't and they've been foaming at the mouth and gnashing their teeth ever since. If 45 becomes 46 the meltdown will be epic.

LSP said...

Good question, Kid. I think a lot of low knowledge party loyalty Dems do. For example, I just wrote a magazine leader attacking BLM Marxism and its threat to the church. OK, nothing new there, but my copy editor/proofer freaked out. He's a Dem and hates Trump, thought I was totally wrong and was pretty mad. I asked him if he'd read "What We Believe" on the BLM website. No, he hadn't.

Point being, there's a lot of people out there that know very little and believe the BS. Their thought leaders? Hmmmm. I'd say some are true Marxist/Maoist revolutionaries and believe it all the way. Others, their peers, see useful idiots to line their pockets pockets and propel them to power. Pelosi, Fienstein and Biden, spring to mind, to name but three.

LSP said...

Very good point, NFO.

Kid said...

I think a lot of Congress is on the payroll of China and Iran. Mostly Dems.