Monday, July 6, 2020

The Ghost Of Robert E. Lee

What country would erect statues to defeated generals? There's a civil war genius to it, and we're losing that to some weird zero-sum, anarcho-marxist power play. 

Remember, commies, zero-sum works both ways. And get this, we know how to shoot unlike, say, Wakanda.

Lion King,



Ed Bonderenka said...

They weren't a foreign enemy.
They were family.
Misguided, but family.
And they fought valiantly.
So a statue is not totally uncalled for.
I'm not sure "traitors" is a good term to describe them.
They didn't sell out to a foreign power.
They seceded, as they felt they had the right to.

LSP said...

Thanks for that, Ed. Right on.

I'd say they were the opposite of traitors -- they fought for states rights and the freedom of 1776. And yes, misguided viz. slavery but family nonetheless.

The people who disrespect and scorn that run a very great risk, imo. Namely another war.