Friday, July 10, 2020

Yet More Vicious Racism - Warning Graphic

Sure, it looks normal, just another HVAC van come to fix a broken unit, nothing, you know, sytemically racist about that is there. So you think. I went to get a closer look.

Do you see the problem? I did. There it was, in all its shameless, white colonialist, brazen, literal racism, right there on the ladder. Knowing that silence is complicity, let's zoom in.

WOW.  It's maybe not even conscious but that makes it worse, part of your psyche, in your head. Kick the black man off the ladder! So who's at fault? Here, have a look.

Smiling all the way to his white male supremacy privilege award. Sorry, so-called "Lennox," we've got your number. Which, as a matter of fact we do, because Sims actually does good work at a fair price, and they even turn up when they say they'll do. Imagine that.

Readers, if anyone does actually read this shallow mind-blog, do not give an inch to the new Maoism. It's the same as the old Maoism but even worse, because it comes like a rainbow.

Your Friend,



Undergroundpewster said...

I would laugh if I wasn't fully aware that some nut job might really try to boycott Lennox. Come to think of it, "Boycott" needs to be cancelled. "Humancott" might work except it leaves out too many other species. It never ends...

Kid said...

What UGround said.

The clinton beast should be behind bars. the obama-mohammedman needs to be shot.

Everything must be rededigned ! Hey, this will be good for the economy.

Otherwise, ahhaaa

Adrienne said...

I confess to having the very same racist ladder due, I'm sure, to my white privilege (are Italians considered white? I had a black boyfriend once who said Italians weren't white.).

Mea culpa.

LSP said...

I was thinking Zhircott, Pewster, but still, nothing will ever satisfy the gaping maw of the revolution.

LSP said...

Kid, I saw the ladder and my spirit recoiled in horror. Not that I have a spirit because I'm a dialectical materialist, but hey.

LSP said...

Adrienne, I'm a bit confused. "Lennox" looks strangely Italian. But he's got a Scottish(?) name. Scot, Italian, white male supremacy. Will this iniquity ever end?!?

jenny said...

I have a 22' ladder with the same image. I promise I will never let a black person climb it. (At this point, I'm trying so hard to not be racist that I'm being racist in ways previously unimaginable.)

LSP said...

Jenny, I'm a bit disturbed and confused. Are you saying you won't allow POC on your ladder? Are you at the vanguard of a new Texan segregation?

No. You must burn your ladder and construct a new one, free of colonialist oppression.

jenny said...

Lonestar, If I let a POC on my ladder, he/she is going to fall off, according to the obscenely racist sticker. So I'm trying very hard to protect them!!! It's kinda like affirmative action, only it's negating the action of climbing a ladder that clearly wishes to hurt them.

And Lord help me, I will NEVER burn this ladder. It's the best f-ing ladder EVER. *come and take it* I dare you!

LSP said...

Jenny, I applaud your Texan spirit.