Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Church of England Death Spiral?

Gavin Ashenden comments on the withdrawal of Bishop North from the Diocese of Sheffield, and the secular left's monopoly of power in the venerable but shrinking Church of England. Has the parasite fatally wounded its host?

The Philip North crisis has shown us what the end game always was. The monopoly of a sub-Christian, neo-Arian, power-driven heterodoxy that was infuriated by Christian orthodoxy.
The golden rule for the parasite is not to kill the host, just to weaken it and live off it. The vulnerability of +Philip North proved too tempting a target, and the progressives struck too soon and too hard. It may prove to be that they have fatally wounded their host, the Church of England.
Since it has become clear that orthodox Christians will not be allowed the privilege of following their consciences, living out biblical paradigms and challenging the secular culture from within the Church of England, they will either have to adopt a separate orthodox jurisdiction of their own, or leave. The jury is out on which the faithful will choose.

You can read the whole thing at Anglican Ink.

Good luck, CofE.

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Fredd said...

We all hear about Obamacare's 'death spiral' , but King Henry VIII's own personal church, the Church of England is in a death spiral?

I wonder if this death spiral stuff is contagious.

LL said...

I think that the ship has sailed for the C of E...unless you're a pederast, or want to meet other lesbians or trannys. It's come down to a gay love-fest disguised (not cleverly) as a Christian church. Then need to take Christ off the cross as they evolve their iconography.

Jules said...

Fredd: I think "church" in general is in a death spiral over here no matter what denomination you are.

LSP said...

Fredd, you might have a point. But who's better, H8 or O1? I don't see a lot of women lining up to marry O1.

LSP said...

I think that'll come, LL, to be replaced by a crescent moon.

LSP said...

The thing, Jules, is that the Church inevitably goes to the Cross and seems to be at the point of death, or even dead, and then rises up. As it's the Mystical Body of Christ we should expect that and it seems that the Church in England is at that death point. Still, wherever Christians genuinely believe, even in England, they do quite well.

The Egyptian said...

Well LSP as I have said before the Tiber is warm, hop in. I know we have Francis, however I believe what the Italians say, not "the Pope" but "this Pope" for he too shall pass on. Quite a while back you said you wouldn't because your Bishop is a good man, while true does he support what is going on? While the ship of Henry the VIII is going down the bark of Peter still sails, sometime in circles, but still upright and not listing horribly to the port side and taking on water.

LL we still have Christ on the cross, because we first have to acknowledge his suffering and death to appreciate the resurrection and redemption, one without the other is meaningless

LSP said...

Egyptian -- diocesan loyalty aside, and it's a big side, my situation's complicated. I'd be happy to discuss it off blog.