Friday, April 1, 2016

Behold Your Rulers

Look at our rulers. They're responsible for our security, the preservation of liberty and the common good.


Here's the most powerful one. Inspiring, isn't he.

No Comment

And here's Trudeau's boy. He'll make sure Canada's safe from attack.

Now You're Safe

But what about Great Britain? The Free World is safe for gay marriage with Dave!

Nice One, Shillary

Maybe the next Nuclear Security Summit will be hosted by the famous NWO Illuminati Powershill, Hillary Clinton. What can we say, the genius of Yoko?

Kick out the JAMS.



LL said...

Trudeau jr - the boy king of Canada, is disturbing. What are the Canucks thinking? Naturally, we have our own court jester running the show here, so we have no room to talk.

Anonymous said...

Ah, the "pull my finger" gag.

Adrienne said...

I was thinking exactly the same thing when I saw those pictures yesterday.

LSP said...

Calgary voted for Trudeau's people, LL. I was surprised by that.

LSP said...

Looks like Dava wasn't too keen, Anonymous.

LSP said...

There they are, Adrienne, the statesmen of our age. Sorry, for statesmen, read clowns.