Thursday, April 21, 2016

Hillary Clinton's Foreign Policy Caught on Camera?

Two Florida men believe they may have caught Hillary Clinton's Foreign Policy on video in the Florida woods.

The Foreign Policy, which is popularly known as "Skunk Ape" because of its "awful stench," was briefly caught on camera and could be heard "chattering," making incomprehensible noises.

"I will mimic it," said one of the men, "Most of the time it sounds like bluh, bluh, bluh.”

Others aren't convinced. According to one expert, "It may look, act and sound a lot like Hillary Clinton's foreign policy, but there's a simpler explanation. It's just the Bishop of Gloucester, messing around in the woods, trying to get away from the old curse."

Is the mythical Skunk Ape Hillary's Foreign Policy, or is it the Bishop of Gloucester? You, the reader, be the judge.



LL said...

It may well be that Hillary Clinton is capable of physical shape shifting in the same way that she "resets" her campaign and promises different crap all of the time. The demon captured on film may be Hillary's true form and she needs to drink blood or something to appear as the Bitch of Benghazi on the campaign trail.

It also might be possible that the Bishop of Gloucester, messing around in the woods, trying to get away from the old curse, is a member of Hillary's family of demons.

Who can tell these days?

Mattexian said...

It could well be her, on a fundraising visit, a la George Clooney, to rake in another cool million. Lots of escaped retirees from NY down there, with open checkbooks and misplaced senses of loyalty (some might call it befuddlement).

LSP said...

That's an interesting point of view, LL. We know that Hillary is a shape shifter, that's settled science. And we know she's a reptoid, but the figure in the woods was hairy. I think that points in the direction of the Bishop of Gloucester.

LSP said...

True, Nattexian, raising cash and lots of it!, seems to be a priority. Of course it could just be Bruce Springsteen.