Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Wheel Guns at the Range

Grilled hamburgers make you a better shot, especially with magnum wheel guns. At least that's the theory, but is it true? We took LL's Smith & Wesson .460 Magnum and Colt Python .357 Magnum to the range to find out.

It seemed to make sense to start with the mighty .460, that fires a bullet with the kind of kenetic explosive power you'd expect from a freight train roaring out of a tunnel. Mighty ballistics hi-power. After that, the Colt Python seemed a gentle gun, firing a round that was only designed to go through engine blocks. 

LL Considers The Range

But was our marksmanship improved by last night's burgers? Yes, it was. A green silhouette was taking rounds in the X Ring and before long LL suggested we move on to shooting hotel key cards. "As a training exercise," he said.

Key Cards Down

Well, you can't train too much and LL made short work of the key card opposition, proving that deadly accuracy is achievable with the significant .357 Magnum. Then it was my turn and I started shooting just low right of the "Elite" card. "Calm down, breathe," said my maritime ally, and I did. Key card down. They took a beating.


So did a kettle, a steel turkey and a couple of plates, but that's a different story. Still, what's the verdict?

Big wheel guns are powerful medicine and, if you want to improve your magnum skills, be sure to grill up some burgers the night before. Thanks, LL, for the revolver opportunity. 

Gun Rights,



LL said...

It's important that you punch holes through the center of the hotel key cards for obvious reasons. The riot control drill follows the tradition in Texas of "one riot, one Ranger".

Brighid said...

Sweet shoot'n guys.

LSP said...

I'm working on tha skill, LL. Great shoot.

LSP said...

Big fun, Brighid. VERY LARGE pistols...

Fredd said...

I'm a true believer in revolvers, myself: 'bullet-proof' (pun intended) in that nothing can go wrong when you grab a fully loaded revolver and pull the trigger. No safeties, no need to pull back bolts to charge the thing, none of that. Just point it in the general direction of the bad guy, squeeze off a round (assuming double action) and voila - a dispatched dirt bag. If you have the time, then you can cock the gun and aim, but this luxury of time is not always a given.

A note on 'compounds,' guys. All of this blasting away at hotel door cards happened on LSP's compound, allegedly. You know, the hated Kennedy clan has a compound. Lots of malfeasance and skulduggery occurs within this compound. Nothing disappears faster than a case of Scotch within the Kennedy Compound, or so it's told. David Koresh had himself a compound. We all know what happened there. I'm here to tell you: nothing good happens on compounds.

I think I want one.

LL said...

Fredd, I have a sneaking hunch that when you move to Texas, that your spread will end up as a compound if it isn't one at first. After all, a man's compound is his castle, isn't it?

Fredd said...

LL: maybe you're right. We just purchased a 9.19 acre lot, and compounds need lots of elbow room. And then once my compound is established, I will likely cease my bad mouthing of compounds.

A man's compound is indeed his castle.

LSP said...

And I have to say, adding a tower, a stone tower, to a compound makes a lot of sense. Let's not forget that.