Sunday, February 15, 2015

What. Savages.

It's the last Sunday of Epiphany and the Religion of Peace is at it again, parading Yazidis in cages, prior to being burned alive, and beheading 21 Coptic Christians in Libya. And lest we forget, shooting up a cafe in Copenhagen and threatening to behead and rape a pop singer.

Remember, these atrocities committed by the Islamic State in the name of Islam have nothing whatsoever to do with Islam.

Typical Muslim Park Scene. Note Onlookers.

That's because Islam is all about peace, similar to Haight Ashbury and the Summer of Love, only a whole lot more peaceful.

So why can't we all just COEXIST? You know, like ComboAsk the Prophet; who was like Gandhi but more peaceful.




LL said...

Justin needs to go and offer a truce in the name of Christianity.

I wonder if they'll eat him after they burn him alive?

LSP said...

Well, he is a "negotiator."

But the question is, will they become ill and die after they eat him?

LL said...

Eating a large preying mantis is bound to make them sick once they've burned off the human skin.

LSP said...

Does that make Justin a "force multiplier"?

the Egyptian said...

until the west wakes up and realizes, as Martel did, that they only understand brute force this will continue. Does the west have the intestinal fortitude to do a repeat, hopefully not from the Gates of Vienna, especially since Christianity is no longer united and has gone all huggie feelie,
Archangel Gabriel protect us in battle