Tuesday, February 24, 2015

The Cause, Confederacy

It's not that long ago, the American Civil War, and a bloody business it was too. Some people think that the Confederacy is synonymous with with slavery and oppression, whereas the Union was was a beautiful civil rights movement. Others think that the war was about States' rights and freedom from big government Washington tyranny.

They opted for the latter where I live, and lost. There's a memorial in the Courthouse Square to remember the fallen.

William Henry Parsons raised a regiment of cavalry from the surrounding counties, the 12th Texas, comprised of the Hill County Volunteers, the Freestone Boys, the Johnson County Slashers, the Bastrop Cavalry Company, the Ellis Grays, the Ellis Rangers, the Kaufman Guards, the Ellis Blues, the Williamson Bowies, and the Eutaw Blues.

The 12th Texas went on to become part of Parson's Brigade and it may, or may not be the case that the National Flag of the Confederacy is on display in the courthouse.

For the record, I think our courthouse, which was restored by Willie Nelson, would make for a decent club. "What would you call this club?" asked a church lady, "I would call it Parson's, Ma'am," I replied.

Share your Swag Bags as you will,



Mattexian said...

The Confederate monument here is far from the county courthouse, in a park behind the Federal building that used to be a Sears and Roebuck downtown. I believe this is true, that the soldiers atop these monuments all face north, to keep watch on those damnedyankees. The unit here was Speight's Battalion, and trained near here at Spindletop Hill (where the gusher was struck 40 years later), and they fought alongside the Davis Guards from Houston at the Battle of Sabine Pass.

LSP said...

I think our monument faces North East, appropriately.

My Mother married a "dam Yankee." That caused some consternation.

jenny said...

Excellent name for the club, for sure.

I think some of the liberals here in Austin might shave their hipster facial hair if they realized they look like confederates, albeit without the awesome hats.
(Please tell me the DLC (Irregular) will have little hats like those...)

All for states rights and/or the noble secession of Texas!

LSP said...

I understand that Austin has reached "peak facial hair."

That's not a good thing.


LL said...

Is there a stable and corral there for the DLC mounts (and re-mounts) on premises?

LSP said...

That's something I have to rectify...

lukeya said...

Now now Padre, you used the 'word' 'memorialize'. Rememberf that word does not exist. The word you neened was 'remember'...remember?

LSP said...

That's weird, Lukeya. I'm looking at the post and don't see the word "memorialize." Perhaps your creative visualization and remote viewing skills removed it.

On a similar theme, people are saying that Hillary Clinton will be "coronated" (crowned) as Democratic candidate for the Presidency.

Perhaps you and the rest of the team could give David Cameron a good coronating?

All for Dixie.

lukeya said...