Friday, February 20, 2015

The RAF Scrambles!

Great Britain's two remaining fighter aircraft bravely intercepted a Russian bomber over the English Channel.

Now down to two operational fighters, the once proud RAF scrambled its two jets to escort a Cold War era Tu-95 bomber, code named the Bear, out of U.K. airspace.

U.K. Prime Minister, David Cameron, dismissed the show of force, saying  that the Russians "are trying to make some sort of a point, and I don't think we should dignify it with too much of a response."

Dignified or not, it seems unlikely that Great Britain's two-plane airforce could mount much more than a token defense of the British Isles. 

Rumors that the Island Realm's last Main Battle Tank has run out of replacement parts and is no longer operational, have been denied by the Ministry of Defense.



LL said...

All that is believable.

LSP said...

Unfortunately. Yes.

Anonymous said...

Yes, it is unfortunately correct.Former defence secretary Michael Heseltine - who was all for building up weapons to nuke the Russians in the 1980s - was caught out on British TV the other night trying to simultaneously justify the fact that Britain's army has dropped from 300 000 in the 1980s to less than 100 000 (so hardly qualifying as an army) while admitting that Western Europe had a common cause with Russia in trying to protect what he described as its "soft underbelly" from the rise of radical expansionist Islam from the south. If the UK hasn't got a capability of its own then one can see a scenario in the future that Russian jets would have to protect West European air space, since the USA is packing up and closing its Mildenhall base in the UK