Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Is the Anglican Church of Canada Just a Kite?

A mysterious object captured on film may be nothing more than a purple kite, instead of the Anglican Church of Canada (ACoC).

Many observers were shocked to see a strange purple object hovering in the air over a building site in Lima, Peru, and believed they may have spotted ACoC. But others have been quick to dismiss the "UFO" sighting as a kite, instead of the small denomination.

"The object is too far out to see strings," stated one analyst, "so if there are strings we don't have the pixel resolution to make them out. However, we see at each end a darker patch which is likely where the kite fabric is doubling over where the strings attach.[...] Lastly, I'm not certain which direction, west or east, the camera is facing - but I get the feeling it's likely pointing toward the ocean where the beach is. Where there is a beach there is wind and kites."

Where there is a beach there is wind and kites. Could the Anglican Church of Canada be a purple kite, blown by the wind over a beach in Peru, or is it a gaily colored spaceship, flying high above South America as it travels to the stars?

Archbishop Fred Hiltz has not issued a denial.




LL said...

It looks like the bishop threw his little cap in the air and photographed it.

jenny said...

Would help if we could know whether or not it was kept afloat by hot air.

LSP said...

It does. A bit like skeet.

LSP said...

I think it's mostly carried aloft by the sheer force of hot air, but let's not forget the strings.

David said...

It almost certainly isn't the entire ACoC; if it were, it would be either be rainbow coloured or have a star and crescent mark on it somewhere.

The ACoC has been lost in space for so long, it could pieces of desiccated bishop finding their way back into orbit. The colour is right.

LSP said...

That's interesting. I hadn't thought of the object being a simple piece of space junk, like pieces of an ACoC bishop, making re-entry.

Good call.

jenny said...

haha +1 David and response!

LSP said...

You might enjoy David's blog, Jenny: