Sunday, February 1, 2015


Everyone's watching the Superbowl, but I find myself thinking about demons. Some people think that they don't exist, others think they're hiding in plain sight.

Perhaps it's worth considering what a society that was influenced by the Devil and his apostate angels would look like. I'd say that one of its hallmarks would be infant sacrifice. Read the literature and correct me, but it does seem to be a constant.

With that in mind, consider the 1 million plus that's given in the US to Planned Parenthood by the government, per day. If that's not satanic, what is.

Enjoy the game,



jenny said...


I keep forgetting today's the superbowl. Hope someone wins. ;)

At least they can fight it out on the field as full grown adults. Unlike the unborn.

LL said...

Shopping malls are temples of greed. Planned parenthood is a non-so thinly veiled abattoir for babies. We have a sick society.