Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Blinded By The Sun

Monday seemed as good a day as any to wake up ridiculously early and head off to the woods by the range. So that's what I did. I took a shotgun, of course, and got there as the sun was rising. What would I find in the woods?

Bobcats? Coyotes? Squirrels? Rabbits? A marauding hog? Well, you never know and as it turns out, none of these things crossed my path. What I saw instead were lots of Woodpeckers, who were busy kicking up a racket, and a big hawk that took off majestically from the top of an old oak.

Undaunted, I cranked off a few shots at a branch that was sticking out of the water of a trashy natural tank that's called The Beach.

How Very Awesome

After the firefight, which I won, I drove to Karen's Authentic Mexican Food in Itasca and bought two Bean & Brisket burritos.

Then I ate those twin pillars of orthodoxy, on the porch.



LL said...

It all sounds so fun. TWO burritos, but not a word about what you bought for Blue Scavanger...is he starving?

LSP said...

The burritos were TRIUMPH. Blue Deprivation had to make do with a low cal "milk bone." He liked it.

LL said...

Are there any small mouth bass in Lake Whitney - or just large mouth? What about trout? I haven't heard a fishing report for some time.

Which brings to mind the question of how many of the C of E women go fishing. Christ turned to fishermen to flesh out the twelve apostles...just pointing out the obvious.

LSP said...

Both kinds of Bass, I think, (though I've only caught L Mouth). Striper too, which I haven't caught. There might be trout below the dam... I suffer for lack of a boat...

And for sure, let's not forget the obvious.

LL said...

Stripers eat everything else. The best bait is a lure that looks like a rainbow trout - a plug. Troll with it.

Euripides said...

The world is once again safe from errant tree limbs!

jenny said...

+1 Euripides

Sounds like a successful hunt if you caught a burrito!