Saturday, February 14, 2015

God Bless Guns

I drove out to see a parishioner yesterday and bless his guns. He's afraid that things will get bad and prepares accordingly. You might call him a "prepper." Part of that, for him, means a lot of custom AR15s and a couple of AR10s.

New York Times New World Order

Some people scoff at that in their New York Timesy condescension. "Look, what a stupid prepper," they sneer, "he probably thinks the government is too big and massively in debt. I bet he doesn't even believe in Global Warming. What an ignorant fool."

This Will Never Happen Here, in America

Well who'll be laughing when the grid goes down and you have to shoot to protect yourself and your family? Not my friend. He gave me a Primary Arms red dot in exchange for the blessing and promises to upgrade my AR.

Gabriel Possenti is the Patron Saint of shooters, in case you're interested.



LL said...

I'm sure that a blessed firearm shoot straighter than an unconsecrated one.

Likely that is why all of the Muslim warriors undertake the inshallah attack mode where they just blaze around corners blindly or shoot up in the air and hope that the bullet lands somewhere destructive.

jenny said...

Your parish needs a St. Gabriel Possenti relic.
And apparently his feast day is coming up on Feb 27, which sounds like a good day to officially launch and publicize your Gun Ministry, if you haven't already.

LSP said...

LL, have you noticed that IDF rifles shoot straighter than Muslim ones?

Maybe some blessings and the God invoked are more effective than others.

Just a thought.

LSP said...

That's a very good idea, Jenny.

Interesting Saint, Possenti.

LL said...

I don't think that Muslims bless their firearms. The Jews certainly do consecrate them.

jenny said...

Have you blessed your own firearms?? You really must.

I've been to parishes where they have an annual Blessing of Pets. (Sadly, I've failed to get Begonia anointed, but REALLY must take her next time 'round.)

My point is, maybe y'all need an annual Blessing of the Guns on the feast of St. Gabriel.
-- You can add that to the list of my other genius ideas for church growth. :)

Mattexian said...

I would've guessed at Saint Sebastian being the patron saint of sharpshooters, as he's already for archers; I guess they don't like to share!

So how do you like the AR compared with the SMLE? I realize .223 vs .303 is apples and oranges; I found out from my dad that he had to give up the military matches with his Garand (and it's .30-06), after his eye surgery for a detached retina, and he took up an AR for punching holes in paper at a hundred yards and beyond. We were comparing notes, and he was bragging about covering all the holes with a quarter, and with my AK, I could cover the holes with a dinner plate!

LSP said...

Interesting church growth strategy, Jenny.

A church shoot would certainly go down well -- trying to organize that, btw.

LSP said...

The AR's easy to shoot after the .303 and the .303's less sound and fury than the '06...

When I was a kid in the UK cadet force (a kind of junior ROTC) we used to train on .303s. Shooting the FN-FAL seemed WAY easier. Not that I was or am a partic good shot.

Wouldn't mind getting an AK...