Monday, February 23, 2015

Thunder Sleet

I thought Thunder Sleet was just a Scandinavian death metal band, but now I know better. It's a vicious weather front, and it moved into this small country town sometime last night. 

Blue Shredder

No one is outside and the only sound that breaks the eerie silence our once thriving farming community is the sound of crazed peacocks, far-off sirens and sleet, washing down on abandoned Dodge pickups.

Good idea, LSP, shoot the sleet.

Here at the Compound we're cleaning guns, loading magazines and roasting joints of meat. I'll drive to the trading post later, for news, barter and supplies.

Ammunition is our currency.



jenny said...

Aiming for the sleet between you and the peacock might be a good idea...

Bet you're wishing you'd brought back that bear hat from Canada!

LSP said...

leaving that hat behind in Canada was a bad error.