Monday, February 9, 2015

Sunday Hunt

I'd no sooner recovered from the pleasurable ministry of gun blessing, than a friend turned up from Dallas to go hunting. Nothing fancy, just an evening attempt to call coyotes.

So what happened? That's simple; we loaded up my truck, headed out to the fields, got into cover downwind and started to call. But the coyotes weren't buying, unlike the frogs, which were. Too bad we weren't on a frog hunt.

That's not to say the wiley beasts weren't there and we did hear a distant pack, yapping and howling into the night. Then, as we were loading back up to go, a lone howl cut through the starlit night, not too far away, though distances can be deceptive. Should we stay or should we go?

We left, and got a bite to eat at Dickey's BBQ Pit. This is a chain that started in Dallas and it serves "Q", which is fine by me. They were playing Waylon & Willie, which is also fine by me, as was the pulled pork sandwich, mac & cheese, and fried okra that I decided to buy.

"What's your special?" my friend asked Dickey's.
"Everything," Dickey's replied, impertinently.

You see, Dickey's does not have a Sunday "special" though your kids can eat there free, one per adult, if they're under 12. 

Ponder that.


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