Friday, January 12, 2018

Oh What A Freakout

Our lying, venal, mendacious, aggressive, corrupt, self-serving elite mainstream media has gone into full freakout because President Trump has reportedly asked the question, "Why do we want all these people from Africa here? They're shithole countries... We should have more people from Norway."


Or Sweden, Italy, Germany, Spain, Denmark, Austria, England or wherever civilized people have found their lives made unbearable by an influx of immigrants from sh*thole countries. 

Come on you lot, move to America and help us MAGA as you leave your once great nations to the savages your governments invited in.


But seriously, when did it become somehow racist or fascist for a country to have borders? For that matter, who stands to benefit from a massive influx of unskilled, culturally dissonant immigrants? 

We don't have far to look for an answer. Corporations looking for a cheaper workforce, politicians desperate for votes and a Left which hates the West and wants to destroy it through immigration.

Kabul, sorry, Germany

Hungary, Poland and Eastern Europe recognize this and if the Reuters report is true, so does Mr. Trump. Why should we allow hundreds of thousands of savages to move to America when we've got more than enough as it is. Just look at Baltimore, Detroit, Chicago or any one of our urban hellholes. So why create more?


In the meanwhile, the NWO Illuminati shills in the media and their Party masters are melting down in fauxtrage because someone from the Ministry of Truth told it like it is.

Well said, Mr. President.

Build The Wall,



Anonymous said...

Perhaps a quick history lesson on say, British Imperialism, may address you queries on borders. Did you miss that class at Oxford?

LL said...

The "basket of deplorables" agree with President Trump. Build that wall and MAGA.

LSP said...

Have you been listening to Taylor Swift again, Anon?

LSP said...

And lock her up while we're at it, LL.

Anonymous said...

Yes, while reading Dante Divine Comedy and A Sonnet for Satan. I worthwhile read.

LSP said...

I wisely didn't put SS in the public domain. I hope you'll do the same, Anonymous, if that's yoir real name, which I'm beginning to doubt.


LSP said...

*your not "yoir"

Anonymous said...

As you wish. And is LSP your real name? Or MH?

Anonymous said...

And I will be sure to attend your service tomorrow.

LSP said...

Excellent! Come and be a force multiplier...