Wednesday, March 8, 2017

A Visit To Ray's

Perhaps you've had all your teeth removed and look like someone's smacked you 'round the face a bit. Whatever, visit the gunshop and buy a mug, or a gun.

I couldn't manage a gun because they're too pricey at Ray's but I'm happy with the mug.

Gun rights,



Mattexian said...

Haven't been to Ray's, but I have been to Collector's Firearms in Houston. It's like a gun museum where you can handle *and buy* the exhibits! Last time I visited, they sadly didn't have anything I wanted. (Was looking for a crest-intact Czech-made Mauser. They had a few of the battlefield pickups with the crests scoured off.)

I'm quite happy with my post-Xmas gift of a hunting camo RTIC cup. Use it every day to enjoy iced tea, and am impressed by how well it stays cold.

Jules said...

They say: Man with Yeti mug always feel abominable.

Especially if you put iced tea in it.

Throw it away.

LSP said...

Ray's is an institution, Mattexian, and I like visiting. Pricey though.

LSP said...

What I like about the Yeti, Juliette, is the way it keeps tea hot! For hours.

Mattexian said...

So far I haven't had any hot tea in my RTIC, just plenty of iced tea, sodas (two cans and some ice, as opposed to the Sonic and McD's formula, a cup of ice and fill in the gaps with soda), and the occasional Guinness whilst enjoying some rugby.