Monday, April 18, 2016

Rainbow, Where's The Gold?

In a stunning display of cosmic irony, a rainbow appeared in LSPland, facing Stores, affectionately known on the depot as "Walmart." And not just any old rainbow, no, this one was double.

There it was, hanging in the sky, so I joined the smartphone frenzy and took a picture of it, along with everyone else. There weren't any unicorns frolicking on its graceful curves and I couldn't find the crock of gold, either. 

So Where's The Unicorn?

That, the mythical pot of wealth that comes with the rainbow, is apparently an illusion. Follow the rainbow, they say, and you'll find riches and happiness beyond your wildest dreams. But it's not there, so much for State agitprop.


After a time the rainbow faded, giving way to torrential rain, house-shaking thunder and ferocious lightning, which I watched from the safety of the porch.

There's a moral in this, if you care to draw it.



Adrienne said...

Hubby told me this morning that all of Houston was darn near under water. I guess they got 16" in 24 hours.

LL said...

I'm sure that Blue Wolf preferred to be on his bed than out in the rain.

If Central Texas turns into a large lake, the Hill Country will be an archipelago. That means that moving there, I'd own my own island. See, there is an up-side to the rain. The Brazos would just be another deep channel in an inland sea.

Mattexian said...

I wouldn't expect to find any pots of gold on the day before taxes are due! You-know-who wants their half, just because you claim citizenship. (Be thankful they don't audit you for "finding a pot of gold.")

LSP said...

Houston's washed out, Adrienne... bad for them.

LSP said...

I think you ought to have an island, LL. In fact I'll go a step further, I think you need one. All kinds of scope to put maritime skills to good use.

LSP said...

The beauty of the "crock", Mattexian, is that it's cash. Real cash, gold. I've yet to find it, annoyingly.