Sunday, September 15, 2013

Dallas Wilderness

Where I Get My Hair Cut

One of the things I like to do, when not testing out new crossbows, or trying to hook or shoot things, is explore Dallas. Sometimes you can even combine the two, but seriously, I had no idea that there was such wilderness within the city. 

Dallas MixMaster

Urban wilderness sure, but not the natural sort. Still, there it is, right in the metroplex, wild hogs, exotic birds and monster 7' Gar, all dependent on the winding Trinity. Here's a photo, taken from the unpleasant Audubon Center:

The Trinity

Not that long ago, well within the memory of people's Great Grandfathers, this part of America was just beginning to be mapped. Reflect on that for a moment.

Dallas Pigs

It is very different indeed to England.

God bless,


Saturday, September 14, 2013

M4 Tactical Crossbow

M4 Tactical Crossbow

It's not every day that one of your old friends sends you an email saying that a crossbow is on its way to you in the mail. But that's exactly what my old pal, the Suburban Bushwhacker, did the other day; and not any old crossbow either, no, he sent the M4 Tactical Crossbow (M4TC). I was pretty excited when I read that email because I've been eyeing crossbows recently, thinking, "I want one of those."

In The Box

I was even more excited when it arrived and whipped out the trusty Spyderco Persistence to open the bow's box. Like it's namesake, the M4, this bow is black and has a synthetic stock. Unlike the M4 and its civilian variant, the AR, the M4 Tactical Crossbow fires 1/8" steel ball bearings, as well as featherless arrows. It comes complete with a premounted 4x32 scope and an adjustable fore grip. 

Stuff it Comes With

What makes this crossbow tactical? It's black, for a start, and it comes with a red dot laser light, a blue "Wolf's Eye" light  and a 600 lumen flashlight. All these can be fitted, tactically, to the body of the bow. But does it work? Sure it does. Simply pour ball bearings into the bow's interior magazine. Then cock the bow, which is easy, release the safety, squeeze the trigger and shoot.

There's a Crossbow on the Table!

I tested the beast out against its sturdy cardboard packing case, firing from around 20 yards, and was pleased to see the scope was pretty much zeroed in. Is it powerful? Powerful enough to knock chunks off a pecan tree and shoot through the cardboard box. I'd imagine it'd make short work of a rat or a squirrel. Mine didn't come with arrows but if the ball bearing action was anything to go by I'd wager it works alright with those too.

Add caption

All in all a fun bit of kit. Good for backyard range fun and more powerful than your average BB gun, not least because it fires the monstrous 1/8" steel ball bearing. It's tactical too, which is important; make sure you wear your night vision monocular so you don't trip over the bow in the dark!

Nice Little Group

You can purchase the M4 Tactical Crossbow from Tactical Tech Zone. It's not cheap, at $249+, but if you're after hours of ball bearing amusement, well, it's worth every penny.

Thanks, SBW, nice one.


Friday, September 13, 2013

Loaded For Bear

Klown Swallowed Alive

Who knew that Russia, (remember Soviet Russia, where Christianity was pretty much not allowed?), would someday be the only power to stand up for the Faith publicly.

Far-fetched I know, but that's what's happened; Vlad Putin is the only world leader speaking out in defense of Christianity. The only one.

Don't Flinch!

America, England, France and the rest of the West, especially their rulers, hate Christianity. Why? Because it isn't gay, for a start and that's curiously threatening to them. Islam's O.K., of course, and we can ponder the reasons for that.

Bear growls, Klowns Blink 

Meanwhile, Russia has said no to bombing Syria, leaving our limo-lib socialists scrabbling for something meaningful to say and do other than standing around, looking dumb.

Who knows, maybe the war's off.


Excuse Me? Schori, Stop Klowning Around!

Krew of Klowns Chaplain, Jefferts Schori

Everyone, even the White House, admits that Putin "now owns" the Syria question, everyone that is except the Krew of Klowns famous boy bishop chaplain, Katherine Jefferts Schori. 

A Couple of Clowns Goofing-Off in Church

She thinks her team's floundering antics are due to far-sighted bravery on the part of Klown Kommander Obama. From Anglican Ink:

The situation in Syria continues to evolve. The death and violence that have been wrought on the Syrian people are a humanitarian tragedy of the first order. I do not believe further violence is likely to end the tragedy, but rather seems likely to increase or prolong the disaster. I applaud President Obama's restraint and willingness to look for diplomatic solutions -- changing position requires courage of the first order. It is a sign of profoundly care-filled leadership both to test the possibility of other, more creative and life-giving solutions and to put the needs of vulnerable populations ahead of one's own image or reputation.
No Fooling

No, Schori. The Klowns aren't going to war for cannibal Jihadi savages in Syria because they're "care-filled" but because they were spanked by Putin. Even your favorite newspaper, the toxic New York Times, admits as much.

So stop clowning around.


Thursday, September 12, 2013

Putin Scores! Klowns Go Down.

Game On

And it's a goal! No doubt about it, Vladimir Putin's been on top of his game and scoring all the points against the Krew of Klowns, and on their home turf too, the hated New York Times.

Klown Kaptain

The Klowns kicked off with aggressive bravado that soon turned to bluster and then blunder as veteran Krewman, John "Kerry the Klownsman", dropped his shot against opposition defense Assad and the rest is history.


Putin streaked in from reserve, taking the ball through the seemingly paralysed Klowns, leaving them stunned and confused as he scored a flawless touchdown followed by a near perfect goal. "It made me want to vomit," said New Jersey Klown, "Bob" Menendez. Meanwhile, Klown Kommander, B. H. Obama, was left pathetically speechless and immobile.

Kerry the Klownsman

Here's a replay of the last moments of Putin's goal:
My working and personal relationship with President Obama is marked by growing trust. I appreciate this. I carefully studied his address to the nation on Tuesday. And I would rather disagree with a case he made on American exceptionalism, stating that the United States’ policy is “what makes America different. It’s what makes us exceptional.” It is extremely dangerous to encourage people to see themselves as exceptional, whatever the motivation. There are big countries and small countries, rich and poor, those with long democratic traditions and those still finding their way to democracy. Their policies differ, too. We are all different, but when we ask for the Lord’s blessings, we must not forget that God created us equal.
Judging by Putin's performance, some men are created more equal than others. Is this the end of the Klowns? Is Putin the New Constantine? Or will the ill-fated Krew make a comeback?

Putin and Lead Klown Offense

The world waits.


Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Filthy Little Beast


It's all very well to swing by the range on the way back home from visiting the flock and it's a lot of fun to unleash the power of the deadly black "assault rifle." No doubt about it, a great way to unwind, but the gas operated bullet burner gets real dirty, real fast.


That's bad, because a dirty weapon can quickly become a jamming, malfunctioning, failure to eject shell casings nightmare and that's no good.


I've noticed it can make all the difference, especially with cheap ammo; a dirty AR tends to stick on nasty, cheap, steel cased Russian ammo. At least mine does, but hey, give it a scrub, oil it up and everything works just fine.


With that in mind, I gave the filthy thing a good cleaning on the tailgate this afternoon. 


Good to see that the fast declining Episcopal Church (TEC) has lost another lawsuit, this time they're losers in the Diocese of Quincy. More on that later.

Shoot straight,


Monday, September 9, 2013


I'm no comsymp, progressive lib, Duke-style pacifist, or anything like that, but why are we even considering going to war for the same gang of Jihad savages that flew planes into the WTC? The same savages that are telling Syrian Christians to convert to the religion of peace or be beheaded. The same people that killed our ambassador in Libya this time last year. Why is fighting for them even on the table?


Because of bad wickedness in high places. Maybe America will wake up to that.

Lord have mercy.


Sunday, September 8, 2013

Fireforce LSP 1: Terrs 0

for goodness sake

We've had a bit of God, a bit of Church and, in a way, Country Life, because most things that take place in LSPland are in, well, the country. But what about Guns? What's happened to them?

rod & gun

I'll confess that they've taken a bit of a back seat to the rod lately, as fishing's become so much more affordable than shooting. Back in the old days of pre-stealthban America, you could buy box loads of cheap ammo and fire it off at targets, to improve your marksmanship skills and, of course, for fun.

I love fishing

But that was in the old days, back before we thought gay marriage was normal and Al Qaeda were our friends. Which they are, because we'd never help them out with poison gas, or anything.

win the firefight

With that in mind I bit the proverbial bullet and drove off to my friend's range after Mass, mostly to shoot some of the .45 rounds I've been stockpiling against the Eschaton. Now here's the weird thing. I shot in the 9/10 ring (mostly) at 20 yards. Well done me. I shot in the 8/9 ring at 35 yards, more consistently than in the previous evolution and at 50 yards got in the x ring once, with the rest of the fliers coming in slightly high center mass in the 8/9 ring.

kind old Fr. LSP

What does this mean? 

Don't discount your pistol at range and remember, the .45 is flatter than you might think.


Shoot straight,


Saturday, September 7, 2013

Parking Lot Cowboys

fix that truck

There I am at the drive-in bank, bailing myself out, when a kid in a ball cap comes into view dragging some kind of cart. I thought he might be collecting cans to recycle or shifting his things from one setup to the next.

rope that steer

But no, this cart had a bull head on it and the kid had a lariat; he parked the cart and proceeded to rope the bull head, right there in the car park. Beats collecting cans.

what a load of bull

It's harder, by the way, to rope a bull head than it looks. 

I've tried.


Friday, September 6, 2013

Drone Hunting, TEC in Iker Smackdown

Shoot it Down

Drone hunting? What's not to like, though given my recent lack of success against the predatory dove, I probably wouldn't be much help in clearing our unfriendly skies. Still, I understand it's open season, at least in Colorado.


In other news, it's game on against the Episcopal Church (TEC) in the diocese of Fort Worth, where Bishop Iker has scolded TEC litigants, suggesting that they pay attention to the Apostle and stop suing. Good luck with that. Here's an excerpt from everyone's favorite go-to trad Anglican lawyer, A.S. Haley:

We regret that millions of dollars have been spent on legal fees by both sides. All of this could have been avoided in an amicable separation process as provided for by the Diocese for any congregation that wished to remain in TEC. This was accomplished in the case of three churches by a simple transfer of property title to the local congregations. However, TEC insisted on blocking further transfers and sued for everything, resulting in a long, protracted process of litigation.

But now the end is in sight. The Dennis Canon is dead in Texas. Corporations are authorized to control their own decisions and affairs without the interference of third parties. That’s the law. Perhaps in light of these rulings by our Supreme Court, those who have sued us and sought to deprive us of our property might see the wisdom of terminating their continued use of the courts contrary to 1 Cor. 6:1-7. Let’s get on with the mission of the Church and apply our limited resources to advancing the Kingdom of Christ rather than to continued litigation.


TEC's leaderene, Jefferts Schori, who is an Illuminati shill and well-known NWO puppet, was heard to say "I hate you, Iker!" unavailable for comment.



Thursday, September 5, 2013

Putin to Cameron: We Own You.


This year's G20 summit has got off to a belligerent start, with Russian leader, Vladimir Putin, stating the painfully obvious, that England is no longer an imperial power but just "a small island that no one pays much attention to." Strongman Putin went on to mock English Prime Minister, David Cameron, saying that Russian oligarchs had "bought Chelsea."


Cameron was quick to deny Putin's accusations, stating "everyone knows Obama owns me" that he "didn't accept" the Russian leader's comments "for a moment," and that he wasn't "sidelined."


The leadership of England, France and America, known as the Axis of Gayness, are all fervently in favor of same-sex marriage and attacking Syria. They are opposed by the overwhelming majority of their people and Vladimir Putin. 


Putin is the only world leader that has spoken out about the need to protect Syria's Christians from the cannibal jihadi savages that U.S. President Obama, with his allies, is arming and proposing to go to war for. Cameron was recently humiliated by Britain's Parliament, which stopped the Prime Minister from attacking Syria.


Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Opening Day!

Just hanging out

September 1st was a Sunday and there I was on the front porch, sipping a coffee and listening to the gunfire echoing around the town as everyone tried their hand against the fierce dove. I wanted to be there too, jousting against the avian acrobats, but I had to say Mass, twice, which I did.

A bit chilly

Then it was shotgun out, ice in the cooler, and off to the dove fields with GWB, my philisophic friend and all 'round sportsman. We set up under some trees in knock-you-dead heat and waited for the birds to fly. They didn't much and when they did I missed.


Must take some time out for skeet and remedial shotgunnery. Still, a good time was had by all; I managed to catch a good size Bass and took a pic of a Preying Mantis.

Get out in the field

Then the sun set and it was time for home. More dove hunting later.

I love getting out in the field.

God bless,