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Thursday, April 9, 2020

Pope Francis Some Kind Of Joke?

A joke? No, he's not. He's the head, chief pastor, shoes of the fisherman Pontif of the Roman Church. An heir and fulfillment, when you think of it, of the Imperium itself. So what does the spiritual head of Western civilization have to say about the Chinese Virus? That it's caused by Climate Change, by Global Warming. Here he is:

“We did not respond to the partial catastrophes. Who now speaks of the fires in Australia, or remembers that a year and a half ago a boat could cross the North Pole because the glaciers had all melted? Who speaks now of the floods?
“I don’t know if it is nature’s revenge, but it is certainly nature’s response.”

Nature's response? Well yes, in a round about way. If a crew of Chinese Communists mess with bat viruses in a lab in Wuhan nature will, most probably, run its course. Good call, cross the road, hit a truck. 

But Francis won't name the actual truck, he can't bring himself to call out the atheist tyrants who run China and work to crush the Church. You know, the same people who unleashed this on the world. He blames climate change instead.

Name the real culprit, Francis, but perhaps you're somehow... conflicted? For goodness sake, how embarrassing.

Soylent Green,


Thursday, February 13, 2020

Go West

Go West? Yes, to the town of West, a small Texan farming community known for its Czech Stop bakery on the side of highway I35. The town's named after Thomas West, the town's first Postmaster who sold land to the Missouri-Kansas-Texas railway in 1881.

West grew up around the rails and prospered along with its Postmaster, attracting immigrants from Czechoslovakia who were drawn to the area by the heady lure of rich farmland and all-round opportunity. 

You can see their influence today in the catholicism of the place and its several bars or pubs, to say nothing of various bakeries, not least the notorious Czech Stop. The Czechs are there today as of the 2012 census, which credits West with the highest concentration of Czechoslovakians in the state.

The railway still bisects this curiously attractive town, though it's now sadly restricted to freight. What a shame, it'd be a far more civilized thing to be able to get on a train at Hillsboro, ride to West or Waco, have fun, then ride the rails back home as opposed to driving on the hideous and deadly I35. 

Who knows, maybe that day will return in some form or another, but hopefully not in the way of another Crush Crash. You can see all about that infamous disaster here.

Crush Crash aside, it was good to go to the Two Amigos restaurant with a crew of churchpeople, and they say, interestingly, that a congregation which meets during the week is more likely to grow than one which doesn't. Good point. 


They also say a church which actually believes in Christianity is more likely to grow than one that doesn't. Bizarre, perhaps someone should inform Pope Francis and his lesser colleague, the apologetic Archbishop of Canterbury. But therein lies another story.

Travellers Club Forever,


Sunday, October 28, 2018

Archbishop of Canterbury Writes Pope

An anonymous source has leaked damning correspondence between the Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby, and Pope Francis to the Press.

Via Ignatius:

Dear Frank,
I have to admit that I am envious.
As your Synod on Yoof comes to an end you are in the happy position of being able to oversee the drafting of the final document without fear of contradiction. I, on the other hand, am little more than a servant of our General Synod, tied hand and foot by quasi-democratic red tape.
What cheers me is that – au fond – we have identical aims and objectives. We both see the future in an accommodation to the general drift of Western values. Of course, with women’s ordination and casual abortion, we are way ahead of you. But there are new inclusions that we can work for together. What a triumph if you could smuggle a reference to LGBTQERTY into your final document!
Our task is to remedy the declining number of believers by adapting the Faith to what people really do believe. Then we can claim that the majority have been Christians all along and call it ‘evangelisation’.
At the moment, as I am sure you will agree, things are going swimmingly. Though to be honest I have mixed feelings about euthanasia – still, I suppose we will find ourselves embracing it in the end.
Keep up the good work,
Your affectionate ‘partner in crime’,

Welby, head of the worldwide Anglican Communion, is popularly known as "Justsin." Stay tuned for further revelations.

Your Old Pal,


Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Liturgical Dance Is The Best!

The best thing about liturgical dance is that it's so very, very awesome. It wasn't allowed until the Church reformed its liturgy to make worship more popular.

Liturgical dance has been a rip-roaring success, like all the other liturgical reforms which filled the pews.

Except that they didn't.

Not dissimilar, come to think of it, to the priestesses and now the trannies. You know the powerful argument, "Unless you ordain transsexuals, no one will take the Church seriously."

And male, military age Muslim immigrants are "warriors of hope." Hope of what, Francis? Submission to Allah? Globalist labor rates that make our transnational, globalist elites even more satanically rich than they already are?

Or to put it another way, why are we committing cultural and spiritual suicide? Serious question.

Your Pal,


Tuesday, July 25, 2017


While traditional Roman Catholics are dismayed, others rejoice at Pope Francis' recent trans turn 'round. Via Ignatius:

In a brilliant move which has effectively out-manoeuvred his traditionalist critics Pope Francis has leapt ahead of developments in all but the most advanced Western countries, and given all Catholics the right to determine their own sex. In an interview in the Die Presse, speaking on behalf of Pope Francis, Cardinal Christoph Schoenborn said that every catholic should seek to be ‘at peace in their sex before God.’
Local bishops’ conferences are charged with the task of producing guidelines for parish priests and others as they accompany lay people on their individual journeys of discovery.
Said Cardinal Rinaldo Copacabana who has been given the task of overseeing the logisitics of the exercise: ‘This is a mammoth task. Millions of baptismal certificates and entries in registers will have to be withdrawn and re-issued. But think of the benefits! There need be no more arguments about women priests; and the divorce and remarriage debate will of course be completely transformed. (Think of what Burke will make of that!) And issues of equality and equal pay, which have bedevilled Catholic social teaching for years, will be solved at a stroke.'
Contacted by the National Catholic Register and The Tablet, Fr Spadaro also waxed almost lyrical: ‘This is so, so typical of the mercy and compassion of Our Holy Father. He wants everybody to be happy and everyone to have what they want. But to do so, and at the same time to solve the most serious moral and theological problems facing the Church at the present time, is shere [sic] genius.’
Applications for gender adjustment should be made, in the first instance to:
The Prefect,
Sacred Congregation for Sexual Transition.
Via Della Conciliazione 69
Roma 00192
Diocesan Tribunals will be initiated in due course.

What can we say? All means All.

Carry on,


Tuesday, June 20, 2017

The Cooling Hand Of God

Keen-eyed readers of this family oriented mind blog will know that Russian agents masquerading as climate activists hacked the Compound's HVAC, just when the Weather climbed to triple digit intensity. Disaster? Yes.

Getting Hot at The Compound

"LSP, if that's your real name, which I'm beginning to doubt," stated one expiring art philosopher, "Sort. It. Out." Fully aware of the gravity of the situation, I got on the 'phone to a church elder.

"The AC's down and the mission's looking shaky."
"What do you want me to do?"
"Pray, pray hard that the unit returns to life."
"I'm on it."


Within 30 minutes the prayer was answered, malware removed and cool, refreshing air circulating through the house. Thank God.

A Typical Buenos Aires Club Scene

In other religious news, evidence has emerged that Pope Francis worked as a Buenos Aires bouncer. Whether Archbishop Justsin Welby, leader of the Worldwide Anglican Non Communion (WANC) was "on the list" is presently undetermined.

Stay tuned,


Thursday, August 4, 2016

Inside The Commission on Womyn Clergy

Shocking new video footage from inside the Papal Commission on Womyn Clergy (PCOWC), reveals high-placed Vatican advisers cavorting in a field in Holland. 

The Commission has been welcomed by Catholics for the Ordination of Womyn (COW). "It's time for the church to accept womyn in the ministry," stated COW feminist theologian, Elizabeth Shussler-Ragnor, "Otherwise no one will take us seriously."

However, traditionalists are dismayed. "The whole thing's a travesty," declared one Cardinal on the condition of anonymity, "Look at the dwarf in the video, it's a mockery. The Church is in a state of crisis, facing the Scylla and Charybdis of aggressive secularism on the one hand and fanatical Islam on the other. And all these clowns can do is goof off in a field."

PCOWC's working paper, We Can Dance if we Want to! is due for publication next year. 

ISIS laughs,


Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Pope Francis Eyes Womyn

Pope Francis is putting a committee together to look into ordaining womyn clergy.

It's a bit like Moslem immigration, when you think about it. What could possibly go wrong?

Your Old Mate,