Wednesday, June 19, 2024

Laying Down Smoke


A sister flies in from the Old Country, so whaddya do? Climb in the rig and strike out for the Metrosprawl. Once there, fire up the Weber Thesis, enjoy some of the right stuff and apply beer can chicken to the grill when the coals have done their thing.

It's not hard. Brush the chick with olive oil and season with salt and pepper. Admire your handiwork as you insert a can of beer into the bird's crevice, maybe drink some beer while you're at it, and then place the thing on the grill over indirect heat. So important, indirect heat.

Then cover the grill and let heat do its magic for 1 hour, 15 minutes, turning the chick around at half point so that the breast faces the coals. Take it out. Let it rest. Then fall upon your scoff like a warrior, job well done.

But of course you know all this, beer can chicken, a go-to here in the States. In the UK? Maybe not so much. Speaking of which, this sister's in the process of relocating to Reading, not far from London, where house prices are nosebleed high. Well done her, but how do the Brits afford it? They can't, not really, at least not most of them, and the same thing's not far off here too. Solution?

Easy. Our Beloved Rulers at Black Rock et al own everything and rent it back to us, at extreme profit. And guess what, you won't be able to afford meat anymore, much less chicken, and half the country will vote for it because Climate Change. Then wonder why they're only allowed to eat bugs as they glory in their tiny 1500 USD pcm studio apartment. 

I won't bang on, 



RHT447 said...

Would be fun to be a fly on the wall after your sis returns home, and listen to her describe her time among the colonials. As to the future? I suggest a universal inscription for grave markers, "But-but, it's not faaair!". That is, assuming we haven't gone all Soylent Green by then. Seriously, what do you think they are going to feed the bugs we eat?

Wild, wild west said...

With apologies to Pogo: We have met the Soylent Green, and it is us.

Dad of Six said...

I love the cooking with LSP posts. Do they even allow outdoor bbq's in the UK?

nbc said...

Do they even allow outdoor bbq's in the UK?

Yawn. Yes, we also allow free and fair elections.

Seamus1962 said...

My wife insisted on a gas grill…because for years I would light the charcoal using a propane torch to ignite dry maple sticks (we have 3 maple trees) intermingled with the briquettes. It made things taste great

Now I run wild with the torch on pesky weeds… still fun.

LSP said...

Seamus, I like the flamethrower thing, but why gas? I know, I know, it tastes pretty much about the same, but still.

LSP said...

That's the beauty of it, nbc.

Here in the States we have the most free and fair elections the world has ever seen.

Is there a point in voting? Good question.

LSP said...

Terrifying, Wild.

LSP said...

What an excellent idea, RHT!

LSP said...

Seamus, a method! Like it.