Sunday, June 16, 2024

Shake 'Em On Down


And that's just the State Department. Rock on, let's hear it for Samantha, and do you not think her skirt is neat?

Shake 'em down. Just some random nonsense.



Wild, wild west said...

That's a lot of sound out of just three musicians for sure.

That's what Lucinda Williams could have been without all the tats and dope and memory loss all resulting from a dissolute life of self-abuse and also without the left-wing wacko politics and profanity that made Mrs and I walk out of one of her concerts a couple years ago. When you need a music stand next to you on stage to refresh your memory about the lyrics to your own dang songs and between verses no less, and you have to photoshop your images to take a few decades off your age, maybe it's time to give it up. Or not. Free will, baby, it's your call, but the extended set your 3-piece back-up band did before you came out to whine your way thru your performance was a lot more entertaining. No offence.

Dad of Six said...

Pulchritude aplenty!

LL said...

I've never heard of Samantha Fish.

Naturally, I've heard of a Samantha.

And I've heard of Fish.

But this was the first time they were combined for me.

LSP said...

RHSM, there's always a first, what?

LSP said...


Hey, tell it like is is, no offence taken. You'll notice her OVERDEVELELOPED THIGHS. But hey, big sound. I was inna mood last night.

LSP said...

DOS, I reckon Samantha ROCKS, but that's just me.

Wild, wild west said...

To quote the late, great Freddie King on anatomy:

Ashes to ashes and dust to dust
You mess with my woman
I'm gonna hurt you first

'Cause she's a big legged woman
With a short, short miniskirt
Promise me darlin'
You'll never make me feel like dirt

Ritchie said...

Love the plays on her name with the fish graphic on drumheads (not here) and the Fishcaster guitar also not here. Notable for cigar box and oil can guitars.