Monday, June 3, 2024

Corpus Christi


While you were all running around yesterday waving rainbow flags with Justine Trudeau, others were celebrating the Feast of Corpus Christi. Here's an uplifting song:




Avraham said...

Mozart gets better with age

Anonymous said...

Crusty Old TV Tech here. Nearby parish has an orthodox young priest, and boy are things happening. First post-Mass Solemnity of Corpus Christi procession in maybe forever, definitely in decades. Homily about the Real Presence, with the words Mortal Sin uttered in regards missing Mass obligation. Things are changing for the better!

LSP said...

Well, Avraham, there's Mozart and Mozart, but yes.

LSP said...

Ah Tech, that's very good news!

I feel there may be a bit of a sea change coming in for the Western Church, there's certainly some good trads graduating up, which is encouraging. We see the same thing, in an Anglican way, in the Diocese of Fort Worth. But of course the Church moves slowly and it'll take time for things to get put back right.

Speaking of the younger generation, one of my former parishes, in Calgary, went Ordinariate (Anglican Missal version of Tridentine etc) and is REALLY flourishing. Great priest too, and guess what? The place is filled with young families and kids. Go figure, they get real Catholic liturgy and teaching and it's in English (Elizabethan). They don't get that in the regular diocese.

Dad of Six said...

Solemn High Mass with the Deacon giving the Homily. "June is our month of the Sacred Heart!".

Eucharistic procession followed. A lovely day was had by all. Now on to this Friday's Solemnity.

Anonymous said...

Our parish, FSSP, had a procession also. A couple of blocks down to Main St, one block on Main, back to the church and around the neighborhood. Maybe 250 - 300 people. We sang in Latin, had two adoration stops near the church. A dozen altar boys, bearing incense and candles, and young girls in white dresses strewing flower petals.
Our Trad church is packed nearly every weekend, mostly young professionals, college kids, and large families.
If you build it, they will come. The Novus Ordo churches are failing.
Southern NH

LSP said...

Beautiful, DOS, there's hope yet. Seriously.

LSP said...

Southern, that's great news and, I reckon, part of an encouraging trend.

At the end of the day, all those libs who hate the Church and scorn her will disappear.

I call this doctrine Last Man Standing (LMS). Go figure, the people who actually believe in their religion will do better than those who don't. What calculus.