Friday, June 21, 2024

Serbia Strong


Here's a song:

Were we right to bomb Serbia in favor of Moslems? Or did the Serbs have a point? Perhaps we weren't too keen on a Kremlin ally right there on the backdoor of Garden Europa. But whatever, your call. In the meanwhile, let's have the Bosphorus back and...

Remove Kebob,


PS. There are Albanians in this small Texan farming community. They run a pizza place and an, ahem, Italian restaurant, complete with a bar. I played the above pop song to the owner and asked if he liked it. He shrugged, surrounded by heavies, and we had a good night. Cheers.


Wild, wild west said...

It's got a beat, and you can dance to it. Polka maybe, I dunno, I learnt all my dance moves from Robert Earl Keene, and everybody knows he's No Kind of Dancer. But it's a snappy little tune, unlike these guys rattling on about a bunch of guns they probably lost in a boating accident, maybe, I dunno about that, either:

LSP said...

Wow, Wild, that's totally post worthy! Nice one.

And just think, England broke the power of the Sikh Khalsa and... incorporated the into the BRITISH ARMY. Like, wow again, and what a wasted opportunity.

Whatev, nice one.

Theodore said...

Never forget we have the Serbs (and the Russians) to thank for WWI - I haven't.

LSP said...

Ah, T!

Funny thing, I was reading a thread on that very thing over at Armchair Warlord on twitter/x. Topical, right about now.

Hope all's well in Ireland (please don't fall off horse while jumping fences or anywhere else...).