Tuesday, June 4, 2024

When Is Enough?


This sickens me. Here we are, on the very verge of going to war, and this is the garbage we're being called upon to die for. Let's be clear. Join up and die for gayness, abortion, drag acts and trans surgery.

What a total insult to the people who have already died for their country, who have given everything for what's right, good and true. What a total insult to all normal people, and to those patriots who put their lives on the line and continue to so. For God's sake, look at this, an Admiral, so-called, and try not to throw up in your mouth.

Go On, Die For This, Peasants

So I ask you Libs, are you prepared to lay down your lives for the Rainbow? Are you? Or are you too busy reading the New York Times and sipping foaming coffee as you click for war. Are you a pathetic hypocritical sham?

Or are you true believers who will die and fight for what you believe in. No, I don't see you lining up at the Recruiters' office, you hypocritical, venal, lying, privileged, overeducated beyond your competence dupe shills of the NWO. 

Still, you voted for it and maybe you need to join it, in a Blackrock funded trench in the Ukraine. Perhaps you'll be forced to when conscription kicks in. Go on, do it, sign up early so that Fortress Europa can be the rainbow-hued garden it was always meant to be.

In the meanwhile, apologies to all SEALS and associated warriors. Someone please sort this out, it's getting really stupid.

Rant over,



Theodore said...

Disgusting. I used to follow the USS Theodore Roosevelt IG account (Bully! for TR and all that). But when they started posting pride crap I stopped. It was hilarious to read all the comments on that post about how TR would be spinning to see such drivel posted from his namesake. What are these people thinking. I've said it before, and I'll keep on it, we need a Franco to come in and stop this insanity.

Wild, wild west said...

They're thinking they're gonna wreck it. So far, it's working.

Well Seasoned Fool said...

This crap all started with the Obamas. Tolerance be damned, they seek mainstream acceptance and status.

Dad of Six said...

Some news that may cheer you up LSP. From AOS:


Looks like the WaPo is following the Bud Light business model. They have lost half of their online subscriptions and 77M in the last year. The owner (Bezos) has brought in four white men to right the ship. Lots of pearl clutching. I hope the NYT is close behind.

LSP said...

What a great story, DOS, and I've been following it.

LSP said...

Dam straight, WSF. Outrageous.

LSP said...

So far, Wild.

LSP said...

Hey, TC, I'm one hundred percent with you. And thanks for the Abbey of Misrule, nice one.