Friday, June 14, 2024

Nashville Shooter


Do you remember the Nashville killer who shot up a school last year? Perhaps not, because the story was ignored by our fearless, objective, truth seeking, non-partisan Press. So strange, why would our fearless reporters ignore such a story? Surely not because the deranged killer was a suicidal girl to man troon.

Or, because the FBI told our brave friends in the "report the news" industry to shuddup about it. A psychotically depressed troon on psycho drugs killing kids didn't fit the narrative, apparently. Well, you can read all about it here, now that the killer's manifesto's been leaked.

We can't have that now, can we, true story of psycho troon going AR troon on a bunch of kids in a gun free zone, because, you know, the less we're armed the safer we are. Go on, ask a Red Indian. That aside, how much longer will we have to endure this utterly bizarre psychosis. Viz. That gender is unmoored from biology.

Serious question. Maybe it'll take a generation of self-wounded kids to turn on the devils who encouraged, boosted and profited off this insane chicanery. I hope they do. "Why, Pharma, Pritzkers, Dems, RINO uniparty accomplices, media and associated NWO stooge goons, did you make me mutilate my God-given body?"

You get the point and I won't bang on, but there most definitely will be a reckoning.

Count on it,



LL said...

The FBI lies compulsively. Believing anything they say speaks to gullibility.

Dad of Six said...

Yes, who would have thought that feeding testosterone to a mentally ill woman was a good idea.

Paul M said...

She (yes, “she”…there are only two types in normal-world) used her Federal education grant cashola to purchase said weaponry while living in her parents home (the picture of her tossed bedroom speaks volumes to the allowed mentality instilled by said parents). Not always 100% accurate, but look at mom and dad as well. And what about the Pop-Psyche “person” giving her drugs? Gotta be some culpability, can’t have it both ways when it suits the narrative. Then to add insult to serious injury, The Fibber Magoo’s stepped in poste haste to control the info narrative. Why? Just read a blurb some bill is going thru Congress to make it a finable offense to question 9/11. What the hay is that? We are being played at every turn. Time to clean House…and the Senate…and The Oval Office…and K-Street of these bums, like Jesus turning over the money-changers tables and whipping them from his Father’s House.

LSP said...

Apparently so, LL. It's seemingly a hallmark

LSP said...

We're clearly insane, DOS, as a culture.

LSP said...

Yes, Mr. Paul. Totally with you.