Thursday, January 28, 2021



Will we the people hold the line?

Or will our oligarch overlords crush us underfoot?

Let's see how tomorrow plays out as the peasants revolt against their rulers. Bets on and devil take the hindmost as the ancient monkey rises from its sepulchral lair.

Your Pal,



LL said...

Wall Street elected Joe Biden. Does anyone believe that he will turn his back on them in favor of the wretched commoners (which includes us, LSP)?

Heads should roll. The powerful responsible for this conduct should face long periods of confinement at hard labor. Any bets as to whether that will happen?

Kid said...

I highly recommend this post.

LSP said...

LL, let's see how the class action suit goes against the ironically named Robinhood, which may or may not exist on Monday.

In the meanwhile, the kelptocracy didn't appear to see this coming. $GME holding strong at around 350 after hours with the promise of more pile in from Justin Sun/Asia. Let's see if they can drive the price up to 1000 and cause real pain. As it is, the raid's caused what, some putative 70 billion in hedge fund loss. Something like that.

Maybe Green Comrade Joe, the Peoples' Rainbow President, will arrest retail traders for systemic racism and hate?

LSP said...

Thanks, Kid. I'm just a spectator, but a large part of me wishes I wasn't. It would've been neat to have bought into the raid at around 100 and ridden the rodeo. Win? Lose? No matter, be a part of history and add your spear to the fight. Saying that, anyone who got in low and holds should make some cash, unless they get arrested for "sedition."

Good luck, guys.

Ed Bonderenka said...

Gen Smedley Butler said "War is a Racket".
It was the financiers back then, too.
Wall Street is a Racket.

LSP said...

Dam straight, Ed.

LL sent me that Racket book. Should be obligatory reading.