Thursday, June 14, 2018

Texas Heat

Look here, you lot. Thanks to our old enemy, the Weather, it's like an oven outside which makes it too hot to think. So here's a few infographics to aid the thought process.

The Left loves Islam, even though Islam wants to chop 
their heads off.

Anthony Bourdain was a leftist but was he about to go MAGA and cross the Clintons? Good question. Now he's dead.

Madonna's not dead and hasn't crossed the Clintons. Some say she's getting ready to run on an Alec Baldwin ticket for Dem VP. Don't say Illuminati Witch.

Try not to melt,



LL said...

In Texas, summer heat will turn a brass door knocker mushy - whereas in Arizona, it will melt down the front of the door.

Adrienne said...

And this year we're having an unusually cool summer - so far. I see a few 90° days lurking in the future, but with low humidity it's not bad.

In the meantime - you're looking better than ever through my super duper toric lens eyeball. I may not be able to handle your radiance after eyeball two is restored to clear crisp vision.

LSP said...

I've heard that, LL. Texas is like a preheating oven, they say Arizona's the fully hot result.

I want to visit.

LSP said...

Congrats on the bionic eye(s), Adrienne!

But don't trust the radiance, it's a mirage caused by the fierce heat of the sun.