Friday, September 15, 2017

Hillary And The Devil, Pathetic At Patheos

Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, possessed by demons? All because flies keep landing on them and the former has an allegedly occult past and writes about wanting to stick pins in voodoo dolls? Ha, ha, how stupid, how very tin-foil and beneath serious thought. At least that's what Jason Mankey, a pagan writer at Patheos, thinks.

Apparently, Trump called Hillary the Devil during one of the presidential debates and Mankey takes exception to this. It "sounds like the regular bat-shit crazy off-the-cuff Donald Trump remarks we are all used to at this point," writes Mankey smugly, but not so fast. 

Trump, we're told, roll of the drums, is in league with the appallingly right wing Alex Jones, who's safely on the record accusing Hillary and Obama of being not only evil but also demon-possessed. Mankey, a self-described pagan priest with two "kinetic cats," goes so far as to quote the heinous Jones. Here's an excerpt.

Imagine how bad she smells, man? I’m told her and Obama, just stink, stink, stink, stink. You can’t wash that evil off, man. Told there’s a rotten smell around Hillary. I’m not kidding, people say, they say — folks, I’ve been told this by high up folks. They say listen, Obama and Hillary both smell like sulfur. I never said this because the media will go crazy with it, but I’ve talked to people that are in protective details, they’re scared of her. And they say listen, she’s a frickin’ demon and she stinks and so does Obama. I go, like what? Sulfur. They smell like Hell.

Disturbing, isn't it and the cat-owning pagan goes on to point out that there's a whole internet culture centered around Hillary Clinton's satanic aspect. How inane and indicative of the kind of sub-par, not to say crazy, mentality of Trump and Jones supporters. Mankey dismisses these with more than a hint of condescension, if not sulfur.

"Am I super cool with Hillary being called a witch? You bet!" gushes the enthusiastic pagan, "But I’m pretty sure she’s a Methodist." A Methodist who goes to voodoo rituals and seances, obviously. But here's the kicker.

Of course Jones and his ilk represent only a small portion of the electorate, but in many ways Trump has helped to legitimize this rather confused group of people. When he loses next month it won’t be the fault of Jesus or the electorate, it will be because of the demons that plague most Democratic candidates. It’s all absurd of course, but it might be something someone brings up at Thanksgiving dinner.

When he loses next month. Right, of course. Hillary losing? How absurd.

At what point does smug liberal condescension evolve into hubris? Or to put it another way, sorry, Mankey, your so-obvious-to-win candidate lost and lost hard, flies and all. 

Who knows, perhaps Satan discarded his toy.

Out, demons, out,



LL said...

I don't know whether or not Satan has fully distanced himself from his pet witch, Hillary and her lesbian (at times) acolyte, Huma Weiner. She may run for the presidency in 2020 and the slogan will be "I'm with her - again". I think that a re-match of President Trump against Slick Willy's former First Lady might be instructive. Of course, Hillary will have to write a book following her second loss (third loss if you count Obama thrashing her in the Dem primary). "How it Happened Again"...the book tour, the interviews on CNN and a whole new list of people to blame.

Of course, between then and now, there could be another Slick Willy scandal. While that's entertaining, it's not news anymore. Sort of like the sun coming up again.

Adrienne said...

I can't believe you actually give that horrendous site, Patheos, even one tiny hit. That pagan earned money with that click.

And furthermore, if he really does have cats, they should be liberated from that mad man's house post haste. No kitteh should have to live like that. I'm outraged.

LSP said...

I'm not completely sure, LL, but I have a strong suspicion that Huma is a DJINN. I'm not sure what that makes Hillary, apart from being a malfunctioning AI, a Harridan and an Old Boot. And an occultist loser, obviously.

LSP said...

Adrienne, hear, hear!

As for the pagan, it seems that he contracted a nasty case of smug. Not dissimilar to Hillary, come to think of it.

Smug is surely fast becoming the lib disease. I'm not sure if it's curable.