Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Paint Your House

I like older houses. They tend to have better proportions, higher ceilings, more space and sturdier construction. To me at least, they look better and are better than their modern equivalents but in Texas, an older house often means a wooden house. 

That means a painted house which has to repainted when the old paint's had its day. If you don't, the place is going to fall apart. To avoid this fate, we contracted a painting crew.

This needs painting

They started off boldly, painting the interior of one of the mission churches and even got so far as the main door to the templo. It looked good, well done, Lupe and the Gang. Then they stopped. "What's happened to the painters?" I asked. No one knew, they weren't on the job and fortunately hadn't been paid. They mysteriously returned, after a month or so, and did a bit more work. And then disappeared, no one knew where.

Look! A Can of Paint!

This went on for months, with vague promises of a return to work while I gazed at the peeling paint of the house. Perhaps they'd come back and finish the job when the house had fallen down. "Sorry, Lupe, the house is no mas."

Then, as if by magic, they came back and they're working on the church now. In fact, they've been on the job for two whole days. Remarkable, call me a dreamer but the house may get its of coat paint yet; I look forward to the day.

A typical Front Office in need of paint

This fascinating tale is filed under Country Life in Texas, or would that be Tejas?

Remember the Alamo,



Jules said...

They came for TWO WHOLE DAYS? Make sure they aren't zombies...

I could not put up with that malarkey. Start, do it properly, finish up completely and then go home. Maybe if you asked them to leaf blow they would have stayed. You know how they are with those testosterone machines. Perhaps you should buy a couple of them and rev them up every time they turn up to paint. Think Pavlov's dog. "Si, Pappy, this could be yours when you're finished, VROOM VROOM...yeah...."

LL said...

I think that paying them off and finding a new painting contractor may be the thing to do if they don't finish. Give the discipline job to Blue Head Master.

LSP said...

Juliette, they're back for a THIRD DAY. Who knows, if I go down the leafblower incentive route they might even finish the job. Good advice.

LSP said...

Blue Vigilance is most definitely on the case, LL!