Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Diocese Of Southwark Caught On Camera!

Disturbing footage shows what appears to be the Diocese of Southwark, terrorizing a toddler in a kitchen in Argentina.

The video shows baby Benjamin talking to himself, when the Diocese of Southwark appears out of thin air and scampers across the kitchen floor before escaping into the garden.

The toddler's mother, Silvia, started filming when she saw her son becoming nervous and at first didn't believe her eyes.

"I thought it was some kind of rodent, maybe a goblin; I was shocked when I realized it was the Diocese of Southwark. After running across the kitchen floor it disappeared into the garden, leaving a nauseating smell."

However, not all are convinced. "It's clearly a small goblin," stated one expert, "The Diocese of Southwark has been firmly located in Brewer's Cave, Utah. This is something else, possibly the Diocese of Los Angeles or Kentucky."

Has the Diocese of Southwark been captured on film, in an Argentinian kitchen?

You, the reader, be the judge,



Jules said...

I'm thoroughly distracted by the clown with the tickling stick and LL will understand why.

Ha! That evil little Goblin! Shame she didn't catch it and roast it on the BBQ so goodness could be restored again. I hope you're putting this story in your monthly mag, LSP. :)

LL said...

The clown with the tickle stick does look a lot like Juliette in white face.

Moving on, with shameless self-promotion, both you and Jules are mentioned in the Sunday Sermonette. It's a lot like a soldier being 'mentioned in dispatches'. You can take a little bow when you read it.

How do you know that the goblin running around the kitchen in Argentina isn't Archbishop "Dobbie" Welby? The same elfish face, the same general height. It might not be the Diocese of Southwark at all - but fearless leader himself.

LSP said...

Such an evil goblin, Juliette! Certainly worth a feature in the magazine.

LSP said...

Thanks for the mention, LL, and you make a good point. The goblin could be WELBY; I'll see if I can get a closeup on the face. That'll prove it.