Thursday, September 14, 2017

Pedogate, The Stench of Satan?

Did you know that 11 mayors have been accused of pedophilia since 2016? No? Perhaps that's because our media's too busy whipping itself into a statue frenzy to notice crimes perpetrated by our political elites against children. 

Statues aside, Seattle's Democrat Mayor, Ed Murray, is the latest political pedophile to be brought down in the non-reported Pedogate scandal.

Murray, who resigned on Wednesday, has been accused by five men of child molestation. He joins: 

New York Mayor Rick Nelson, Dale Kenyon; former mayor of Clayton, New York, Dwayne Schutt; the 61-year old mayor of Randolph, Nebraska; former Ohio mayor, Richard Keenan; Anthony Silva, former mayor of Stockton, California; Kenneth Lewis Barrett, former mayor of Winston, Oregon; Christopher Wright, a former Georgia mayor; former Rockdale, Texas mayor, Darral Gene Walker; former Millbrook, New York mayor, Donald H. Briggs.

It's quite a list and that's just the mayors. How many senators, congressmen, judges and media celebrities are caught up  in child sex and trafficking rings? For that matter, how many of the very rich? People like Jeffrey Epstein, famous for his "Lolita Express."

Perhaps we'll find out as Interpol, the FBI and assorted agencies widen the net and drag these beasts in to face their victims in court. Maybe, who knows, our friends in the lying, corrupt, venal media will even begin to take notice and cover the story. And note this.

Child abuse, extending to sacrifice, is a satanic hallmark.

Out, demons, out.



Infidel de Manahatta said...

The media will do everything in its power not to report on this. After all, Democrats are the good guys. What's a little pedophilia among friends?

LL said...

Pedophilia is progressive. Ask Slick Willy. He's knocked up a few under age girls over the years. So long as the girls and the parents take the money and keep quiet, things are good.

LSP said...

And the media moves on, Infidel, eyes wide shut.

LSP said...

Wasn't SW a regular on the Lolita Express, LL?