Thursday, December 19, 2013

I Stand With Phil

Clean the Weapon

I stand with Phil against the gay steamroller, so I signed the petition and went for a shoot after taking Communion to the sick.

Just me, a gas gun, a .45, cheap steel-cased Tulammo and some green silhouettes. Word to the wise:

A lot of people, including me, have had trouble with Tulammo and semi-autos, like the AR or Mini 14. You're firing away at the opposition when, thunk, there's a failure to eject and that's no good. I've found this doesn't happen if the chamber is clean and well-oiled, so take the time to clean and oil the chamber, right before you shoot cheap steel-cased ammo and there shouldn't be a problem. Common sense, I know, but still.

Get in the X Ring

I haven't had the same issue with brass, perhaps steel's more prone to sticking in the filthy beast that is the AR?

Shoot straight,



Adrienne said...

LSP - thanks so much for the comment today. I was beyond honored.

I know you stand with Phil.

However the rest of the stuff you were talking about in this post left me sitting here saying, "Huh??"

I'm so dumb!!!

LSP said...

Alright there, Adrienne, thanks for the plaudit.

Nothing smart about the post, just some firearms discussion.

God bless.