Sunday, December 8, 2013

Ice Storm Mayhem. Aftermath.

Just keepin' it real

Day three of Winter Storm 2013 opened in near total, fogbound, silence, broken only by the distant fire of shotguns, as isolated homesteads fought off the few remaining liturgists that had survived yesterday's frenzied onslaught of ice-driven madness.

Rural Ministry

That was over, leaving an eerie scene of rural desolation and now the ice is melting, only, perhaps, to freeze again. 

Left where they fell

We take stock, resolute. When the storm has passed, as one day it surely must, we will rebuild this town.

By the grace of God,



LL said...

I'm sorry that you all were hit so badly by the ice.

LSP said...

Austin was, apparently, spared the ice, LL. No doubt due to the micro-climate of superheated hot air that emanates from that town. It still hasn't been towed to San Francisco, strangely.

Third News said...

I think they are taking the Mickey out of you:

LSP said...

Some people, 3rd News, appear to take this epic ice storm lightly. But it's no laughing matter. I know. I was there.