Monday, December 16, 2013

Country Ministry

On the Road

I used to think that country ministry meant looking after several near empty Medieval churches and lots of parish "fetes." Perhaps you don't know what a parish fete is. They're mostly like day-long yard sales with little sandwiches, snacks and tea, maybe even some goofy game that the priest is supposed to take part in. 

Bad Craziness

Sometimes they'll have dancers who are like clowns but worse, and if the fete's high-stepping it might have tents, which is a good idea because these things are held outside and chances are it'll rain. That's what I figured rural priesthood was about, all these fetes and ancient churches, maybe even some real ale clowns.  

Rod and Gun

Apparently I was wrong. For me, country ministry seems to involve a lot of guns, horses, fishing and not a Norman church in sight, sadly. It also means plenty of driving to take the Sacrament to the sick.


I pulled up at one place today, where a church lady had been knocked down by an animal, a four legged one, fortunately. A big black dog was padding about with a calf's leg in its mouth, right content, unlike the calf's owner, who wasn't. 

And that, my friends, is just the way it is.

God bless,



Third News said...

...but you have a procathedral without a king! -And 'only in Texas' cool stories about a dog that walks a horse.

LSP said...

There are consolations, 3rd News...

Feed Room Five said...

I did not know that you disapproved of Morris Dancing. I suppose that goes along with a dislike of Conrad Noel. Alas there is no real live music square dancing in the country anymore. Pace Obama country folks hang on to their guns and religion but not their music which is picked and selected for them by Nashville.

LSP said...

As you point out, Feed Room Five, there's country dancing and there's country dancing. Good old Conrad Noel. Let's hear it for Thaxted.

Hang on to your guns and religion.