Monday, December 9, 2013

Oklahoma Episcopalians Get Gay(er)

The Dean of St. Pauls Gets Gay

St. Paul's Episcopal Cathedral, Oklahoma City, and Holy Trinity, Guthrie, have announced plans to hold gay blessing ceremonies, becoming the first two Episcopal churches in the Western half of Oklahoma to offer same sex blessings.

Oklahoma Carry

For Justin Lindstrom,  the newly appointed Dean of St. Paul's Cathedral, the blessings are "appropriate" because other sorts of relationships are also blessed. “We ask God to bless all types of relationships, and so for us to formally ask God to bless same gender couples seems very appropriate to this community,” said the deep-thinking Dean.

Make that a Venti

Gay marriage is illegal in Oklahoma, unlike open carry, which is not, unless you go to Starbucks where it's banned. Unlike Oklahoma, Texas does not allow open carry, strangely, even though some some of its Episcopalian dioceses do allow same sex blessings. 

The Diocese of Fort Worth does not permit gay marriage and its clergy cannot open carry, even though we are allowed to shoot pistols. Confusing, eh?

Shoot straight,



Anonymous said...

Not a man you will find me kneeling down to receive the Blessed Sacrament from.
In the UK large numbers of Black youth are abandoning anything-goes Christianity in favour of a strict and austere form of Islam. Given that most UK White youth idolise to a certain extent Black youth it is inevitable that some of them will also convert, but lacking the Christian background of Black youth they will be even less well morally equipped to avoid radicalisation by extremists. If Christians are driving away those who we should be reaching-out to and constantly undermining a clear moral message, then how is this spreading the Gospel?
I spent most of my life in the C of E between the ages of six and sixteen avoiding creepy predatory homosexuals who were over keen on boys. You had to become deft at avoiding them. Every so often one would get caught. No one said anything, one day he was there the next he was gone. Some may protest that these are paedophiles not homosexuals and it is true not all homosexuals are paedophiles, but all I can say is it wasn’t the girls who were being chased. Now we must make homosexuals feel ‘welcome’, whatever happened to ‘suffer the little children’?!

LSP said...

Gotta stay clear of those creeps, Anonymous!

God bless.

David said...

It is sad that a Minister of the Church should wants to accept a secular re-draft of what is one of the sacred sacraments. I wonder if he would back to acceptance of fake brands, forged designer labels and passed off products counterfeits and bootleg merchandise in other walks of consumer life? Gay marriage is a cheap imitation of the Christian sacrament of marriage blessing a man and a woman.

In the circumstances, I would commend study of the Epistle of Jude, the words of which are applicable.

LSP said...

Good call, David. It's especially sad that these people now think their position on this is normal.