Saturday, December 14, 2013

Good Day Against the Clay


Urged on by belligerent open carry posts and a break in the icy blast that is climate change, I span out to the fields for some head-to-head action with our ancient enemy, White Flyer skeet. I shot reasonably well, partly because I remembered to aim, which helps when you're shooting things. Just a lot of shotgun fun, blasting the clays out of the sky.


After that I turned on the next opponent, a circular steel plate, swinging threateningly from a metal trestle. I shot that any number of times with a Beretta PX4 Storm .45, mostly from around 18 or 20 yards. Pure explosive enjoyment and something I need to do more of, especially now that .45 ACP has gone down in price.

Beretta PX 4

For me, shooting is for sport, and it's a good one too. For others it's also a matter of self-defense; I guess they'd be "Chaplain's Assistants."


Shoot safe and God bless,



Mad Padre said...

Not blue skeets for Advent, Parson?

LSP said...

Good call, MP! Very Sarum use.

Hope all's well in Alberta -- stay safe in the freeze.