Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Cyber Monday Fail

mirror of illusion

It being "Cyber Monday", I tried to buy a North Face coat to send to a friend in the frozen wilds of Canada. I figured it'd be easy; go online, find a neat "Cyber Monday" deal, go to the virtual checkout with my imaginary shopping cart, pay for the goods, get them sent to the icy vastness of Alberta and move on, satisfied, with the day.

cold grey mask of morning

After an hour of broken websites, shattered dreams and mirrors of illusion, I gave up. Some people might have persevered and fought through to the objective. I went lateral onto target by making the purchase and sending it on, in person.

fog of war

All very fog of war. But not to worry, soon we'll have drones to deliver our online purchases and everything will be just fine.




LL said...

The drones will be delivering all sorts of things.

LSP said...

Oh yes indeed, LL.

Third News said...

Padre, you took a picture of the Baptist church; are you trying to parishioner poach? ;-)

LSP said...

That's a very good idea, 3rd news.

darlin said...

A kind and thoughtful gift. I'm glad my cyber-shopping didn't fail on this end, shopping is done! Mind you we've pretty much done away with the commercialism of Christmas so I only had four gifts to buy.

I'd much rather the fog than this balmy -35c we had here in the capital of Alberta yesterday, it's so cold here!

Have a g'day LSP.

LSP said...

I heard it was a bit chilly there, be careful in the freeze!