Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Man-Made Being


A churchman sent this in, from The Origins of Scientism by Voeglin:

“In retrospect the age of science will appear as the greatest power orgy in the history of mankind; . . . at the bottom of this orgy the historian will find a gigantic outburst of magic imagination after the breakdown of the intellectual and spiritual form of medieval high-civilization. The climax of this outburst is the magic dream of creating the superman, the man-made being that will succeed the sorry creature of God’s making.”

This is the End

That reminds me of Guardini's The End of the Modern World  (read it if you can) and I'd say it was pretty much right on target. So step away from the magic. Speaking of which, good to see Putin citing Berdyaev against the transnational secular elite, who seem hell-bent on recreating humanity in their own godless image.

I gave Holy Communion to five elderly ladies this morning. They were dicing when I arrived.

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