Monday, December 2, 2013

Black Friday Bombs

Please buy something.

I went to the local Walmart on "Black Friday", looking for action. Maybe some trampling, or a taser fight over cut-price Vizio flatscreens, or whatever. But no luck, you could've fired a canon in that store and not hit a soul. It was like a neutron bomb had gone off, somehow sparing the checkout staff who stood out in the aisles, trying to entice the few lone punters to their silent cash registers.

Solar Space

A sign of things to come? Of course not, because as everyone knows, the more in debt you get the richer you are and one day the Japanese will turn the moon into a gigantic solar array, beaming limitless free energy to the people of earth. No retail dystopia there, my friend.

I bought some milk and bread out of a sense of civic duty.

Buy on,



Third News said...

Another English preacher, Odo of Cheriton already extolled the benefits of your country mouse living but then, he was never tempted to test out the lion's den

LSP said...

Must check out Odo, 3rd News and I know, I was getting a bit risky there but the rumble was over. Oh well, next time.