Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Never Mind the Pilling Report, Here's Pravda

No-one's fooled, Sharky.

With a sort of blitzkreig suddenness, the Church of England no sooner caves in to women bishops than it finds itself confronted with the Pilling Report, recommending same-sex blessings. Here's an excerpt:

Ole Rascal & Sharky.

"Recommendation 16. We believe that there can be circumstances where a priest, with the agreement of the relevant PCC, should be free to mark the formation of a permanent same sex relationship in a public service but should be under no obligation to do so. Some of us do not believe that this can be extended to same sex marriage (Paragraphs 120, 380–3)."

Excuse me?

What does the Bishop of Birkenhead say?

"I believe in the unity of Christ’s Church and think the Report has not heeded the view of General Synod expressed in February 2007 that ‘efforts to prevent the diversity of opinion about human sexuality creating further division and impaired fellowship within the Church of England and the Anglican Communion... would not be advanced by doing anything that could be perceived as the Church of England qualifying its commitment to the entirety of the relevant Lambeth Conference Resolutions (1978: 10; 1988: 64; 1998: 1.10)’."


Well done, Bishop, that'll get 'em quaking in their boots! Then there's Pravda, having a go at the Dutch:

Putin, New Constantine.

"The moral values ​​of civilization were formed over the centuries. If they are not followed, then people get killed in disasters or dye [Sic] out. Today, under the banner of liberalism and tolerance perverts are legalized in the Western society. The Netherlands acts as the flagship. What do you call a society that decriminalizes abortion at late terms, legalizes euthanasia, bestiality, incest, prostitution, and drugs? What do you call the country that is ready to declare a man and a cow a "married couple" and entrust them with raising children? Perhaps it is not an accident that in all the apocalyptic predictions the Netherlands is the first on the list to disappear."

Carry on,



Anonymous said...

LSP someone is strangely managing the Church of England and manipulating events. What is going on? Who could it be? Is it the Holy Spirit or man's agency? If the latter who is that agent?

LL said...

Nowhere was either Jesus or his Apostles quoted as saying "Sodomy don't bodda me".

It was a sin then. It's a sin now. End of discussion. People are free to chose God or mammon, but they don't get both.

LSP said...

We know it isn't the Holy Spirit, Anon, so who's the agent?

I'd say there were several, playing to a mostly willing audience in the House of Bishops & Clergy.

LSP said...

Too right, LL. And you'll notice that the whole point of the "discussion" is to turn the church gay -- regardless of anything else, like, er, Christianity.