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Monday, August 1, 2016

Stand Up

Wake up! Make your weapons ready, climb into the Ranger and head off for action. That meant driving through the predawn brush to several deer stands and waiting for pigs to come in to corn, molasses and delicious grape Kool Aid powder at around 100 yards.

It was beautiful to be out in the field in the first light and exciting in the stand. That sounds strange, why would waiting around in a small room, some 50 feet in the air, be exciting? Consider the anticipation; would the porcuswine menace take the bait or not, will you get that shot? I tell you, it gets the adrenaline up and we knew the swine were there, no doubt about it; plenty of fresh sign and evidence of rooting. So we waited, in the still Texan dawn.

A Typical Texan Sunrise

And saw lots of deer, more deer than you could shake a Leupold scope at, which was good. It proved the bait was working and there's a satisfaction in getting your cross hairs lined up for a perfect shoulder shot, even if you don't take it.

There were turkeys, too. One minute you're glassing a deer and the next there's something gray in your peripheral vision, on the ground by the corn. Pigs! Or was it? Closer inspection revealed a tribe of turkeys, strutting and pecking at the delicious Kool Aid corn. But no pigs.

Come on, Pigs

Then it was back to the compound on the Ranger for breakfast, weapons hot and ready for random swine, who cleverly stayed out of our way. Still, it pays to be on the look out because you never know when the tusked furies will appear on their snorting path of destruction. Scope covers off, gentlemen.

On The Road

So that was the pattern for four mornings, and while we didn't see any pigs it was all a first for the kids and big adventure in itself. But that's not all.

Stay tuned,


Thursday, December 19, 2013

I Stand With Phil

Clean the Weapon

I stand with Phil against the gay steamroller, so I signed the petition and went for a shoot after taking Communion to the sick.

Just me, a gas gun, a .45, cheap steel-cased Tulammo and some green silhouettes. Word to the wise:

A lot of people, including me, have had trouble with Tulammo and semi-autos, like the AR or Mini 14. You're firing away at the opposition when, thunk, there's a failure to eject and that's no good. I've found this doesn't happen if the chamber is clean and well-oiled, so take the time to clean and oil the chamber, right before you shoot cheap steel-cased ammo and there shouldn't be a problem. Common sense, I know, but still.

Get in the X Ring

I haven't had the same issue with brass, perhaps steel's more prone to sticking in the filthy beast that is the AR?

Shoot straight,


Monday, December 3, 2012

Monday Shoot

truck full of guns

Unlike the Devil I try to take a "day off", which usually means shooting or riding. This Monday it was shooting. Just a plink about with carbines, .22s, pistol and shotguns.

Great fun pitting your wits against the paper adversary and some hand thrown clays.

Ammo's expensive though, so maybe I should get a .22 pistol in order to afford handgun practice. A Glock conversion sounds interesting.You buy the "Nine" you want anyway and simply swap out relevant parts to accept the cheap ammo and there it is -- shoot that pistol all day long.

I love shooting.


Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Range Warriors

Just because it's hot doesn't mean that you can't shoot, so I've been taking the young 'uns, 12 and 9,  to my friend's range for target practice, but not before a decent work out on a Daisy BB gun. The Daisy's useful because you can shoot it in the back yard and teach basic marksmanship skills, not least safety, while having fun. 

sizing up the opposition

The boys did well on that and well on the range, shooting .22 bolt action, .22 semi (Ruger 10/22), an AR 15, my philisophical friend GWB's Mini 14, and some .45 (Beretta PX4).

the old contender

We fired from the bench, kneeling, prone and off-hand at 100, 50 and 25 yards. It was good to see the kids getting on target at the longer ranges, especially off-hand; just a lot of fun for them and a fairly full-on introduction to firearms.

the Dallas compound

Important skill, shooting. Start 'em off young.

on at 100

Skeet tomorrow, have to warm up for Dove season.

Shoot straight,