Monday, December 3, 2012

Monday Shoot

truck full of guns

Unlike the Devil I try to take a "day off", which usually means shooting or riding. This Monday it was shooting. Just a plink about with carbines, .22s, pistol and shotguns.

Great fun pitting your wits against the paper adversary and some hand thrown clays.

Ammo's expensive though, so maybe I should get a .22 pistol in order to afford handgun practice. A Glock conversion sounds interesting.You buy the "Nine" you want anyway and simply swap out relevant parts to accept the cheap ammo and there it is -- shoot that pistol all day long.

I love shooting.



Adrienne said...

Thank goodness there wasn't any dead (teeny tiny) animals. I'm very fragile about that sort of thing...

LSP said...

Not too worry, Adrienne, just paper and clay. Keeps the aim in.

Have a blessed Advent.